How to Find the Best Nail Shape for my Hands? Here’s a Simple Guide!

by Radost P.

With the new season coming up, most women are choosing to make a change in terms of their appearance. When it comes to your nails, you have the freedom to experiment with many different colors and patterns, yet what you should not get wrong is your nail shape. Depending on your hand type and skin color, there are certain shapes that might be better for you compared to others. After all, we all want to emphasize the good and minimize the bad, right? Below, you will find what experts say regarding the question ‘’What is the best nail shape for my hands?’’. So, keep on reading!

How to Choose The Best Nail Shape For My Hands? – Here’s What You Need to Know!

best nail shape for my hands new season coming up most women are choosing to make a change in terms of their appearance manicure you have the freedom

While there are many factors that impact the final look of a certain manicure on your nails, you should keep in mind a tip or two. Below, you will find the most common types of nail shapes and tips on choosing the right one for you.

Stiletto Nail Shape

stiletto nails


Typically, this shape is done by using acrylics, yet you can get the same look with healthy natural nails. Stiletto is the best choice for ladies with long fingers and palms. For best results, you could use a proven nail strengthening product.

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What Nail Shape is Best for My Hands – Oval Type

oval nails

The oval shape is suitable for ladies with medium long nails. This is the right choice for short fingers and small hands. In fact, oval-shaped nails add length, so they are great for women who want to create the illusion that they have longer fingers.

Low-Maintenance Square Shape

square nails

This shape is good for you in case you have long fingers and narrow nail beds. Your hands may look a bit shorter due to the fact that square-shaped nails create the impression of wide nail beds.


almond shaped nails

For ladies who have wide palms and shorter fingers, almond-shaped nails might be the best choice. In case you have wide nail beds, choose the round shapes.

Elegant Squoval

squoval nail shape

This is very similar to the oval shape, yet with the addition of flatter tips. The best thing? This natural shape is suitable for every kind of finger.

Coffin or Ballerina

coffin shape

If you have naturally slim fingers, wide palms, and strong nails, coffin or ballerina is a great choice for you.

Edge Nail Shape

edge nail shape

This is an example of unusual nail shape that is suitable for brave women who want to experiment with something different. The edge nail shape is good for all hands and fingers types, yet it can create the illusion of longer nails and fingers.

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lipstick nail shape

The so-called lipstick nail shape is elegant and stylish – best for ladies with medium long fingers.

What To Do If You Have Short Nails?

Do not get discouraged. While there are many reasons for brittle and damaged nails – from weak immune system to bad habits, you can absolutely grow them by turning your nail care into a priority.

To summarize, when changing your manicure, do not forget to take into account your hands type and the length of your fingers. In this way, you will be able to choose the right nail shape that will make you look amazing!


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