Which nail shape will suit you best? What are the trends in 2023? Find out with the top 4 shapes!

by Kristiyana

Hello, my beautiful readers! Having your nails done every month is one of the best feelings in the world, isn’t it? There are so many different colours and patterns to try, it’s hard to decide which one you like best! Especially when you are doing gel nails. Trends come and go quickly, and sometimes we are left confused by all the choices. However, today we are not going to talk specifically about colours and patterns, but rather about nail shape. Which one will fit your hand best? Which one will flatter you the most? What’s hot in 2023? Let’s have a chat!

How do you choose a nail shape?


Do you want to change the shape of your nails? Then you’ve come to the right place! We all express ourselves through our make-up, our clothes, our hairstyle, and our nails. And the shape of the nails you pick says a lot about your character. Whether you’re a bold person or someone who likes classic designs, there’s a nail shape that will express that perfectly! Do you want to find out which is yours?

Nail shape personality:

  • Square nails: You have long nails, and you know that this shape suits you best. You don’t like to stray from your comfort zone, and you’re probably a very organized person.
  • Round nails: For girls who like round nails, you are a creative and artistic person, always dreaming. You always choose to find the positive in any negative situation.
  • Oval shape: You are a refined, classy and elegant woman who is a traditionalist. You don’t really like new trends, but prefer to stick to what you know and what flatters you the most.
  • Short nails: Short nails can have different shapes. However, they are low maintenance, which means you don’t have to worry about your nails breaking. It also means that you like simplicity and excitement.
  • Ballerina or coffin: You are a very daring person. You follow trends, take notes and want to look your best every day.
  • Stiletto nails: You are also very daring and like to experiment with different styles. You have a very high opinion of yourself and make sure everyone knows it. Your self-confidence is mesmerizing!



Nail shape trends 2023: 4 sublime ideas

What nail shape is trending right now? I’ve looked deep into the trenches of the new nail trends for 2023 and rounded up the shapes that will dominate this year! There are four nail shapes that stand out from all the rest. Mind you, what we mentioned earlier is the basis of what all women want in a manicure. However, there are many other variations to choose from! If you want to be inspired for your next nail appointment, then don’t stop scrolling!

Short Nails 2023


Short nails have not always been considered fashionable. But they are making their way to the top of the trends! They are very easy to maintain and also super versatile! They can vary from minimalist to maximalist depending on the design you want.


Or even small colourful designs to reflect your wonderful personality!

Almond nails



Almond nails are very classy! They lengthen the fingers and give the hand a classic and elegant touch.


You can do so much more with them. A monochrome look, a French manicure, glitter, rhinestones, animal prints and so on…

Ballerina or coffin nails


The short ballerina nail shape or the coffin nail shape is absolutely sublime! You can do so much more with them. A monochrome look, a French manicure, glitter, rhinestones, animal prints and so on… They have the soft look of the oval nail shaped combined with the square one and are also very versatile. Do an all black monochrome nail art for a gothic feel, or an abstract nail art. In the end, you’ll have a fabulous look.

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Stiletto nails


Finally, this is for the more daring girls! Stiletto nails are a real fashion statement! They are long, sharp and look like you could rip someone’s heart out! But all joking aside, these nails are top of the line in 2023, and you shouldn’t miss out on trying them! However, if you don’t like having very long nails…


You can try a shorter version! Overall, these are definitely the boldest nail shapes out there!


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