Which is the most effective instant wrinkle filler to use after 40 or 50? Find 10 options plus reviews

by Kristiyana

A wrinkle filler is a cosmetic product which’s name is practically self-explanatory, isn’t it? This substance in the form of a cream or serum promises to fill in the furrows of the visible epidermis. Unlike a classic anti-wrinkle cream, it gives hope of an instantaneous action, or at least in most cases. Certainly, when the skin is young, a wide range of products could give admirable results. But are there options for an effective and instant wrinkle filler that works after 40 or 50? Here are ten of the best according to the opinions of online users!

Which instant wrinkle filler is most effective?


Nasolabial, lion’s wrinkles, valley of tears and crow’s feet…. Should I go on? Among other skin imperfections related to facial expressions and age, there are just so many types of wrinkles. Yes, learning to accept them and appreciate them might be the recommended positive attitude. However, wanting to hide them is not a perverse idea either. Especially if the method for doing this is non-invasive and gives immediate results! This is where the so-called instant wrinkle filler comes in to turn the arrows of the clock a few years back…

Patyka instant wrinkle filler



Patyka Paris Wrinkle Filler contains botox-like plant substances and promises instant smooth skin and noticeably less visible wrinkles after only 4 weeks of regular use. It acts on all types of wrinkles, and its matte finish makes it ideal to use as a make-up base. Users liked that it absorbs very quickly into the skin and immediately tones it. What they don’t like is that it’s not too effective for already quite wrinkled skin around 60.

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Volu-Fill TimeWise Repair by Mary Kay


In contrast, Volu-Fill TimeWise Repair via Mary Kay is fortified with retinol targeting deep furrows in particular, making it a very effective post-50 wrinkle filler. Its designers created it to fight against transverse wrinkles, those of the glabella, crow’s feet, marionette wrinkles and “barcodes” above the lips. One thing the reviewer didn’t like was its overly thick formula that makes it difficult to apply.

Phyderma Hyaluroderm filler treatment

As its name suggests, this wrinkle filler uses hyaluronic acid as the main active ingredient to erase wrinkles. According to studies against placebo, there was a 12% reduction in the visibility of expression lines on the forehead after 6 hours. Also, a 7.5% reduction in the appearance of bitterness lines from the 1st application and an immediate smoothing effect. Some users dislike the dispensing system (a special pump), while others find the added fragrance excessive.

Instant Day/Night Wrinkle Filler via RoC


The Roc brand offers an immediate wrinkle-filling treatment to be used day or night, once a day. Its substantial active ingredients are retinol and hyaluronic acid. Applied in the morning or evening, they act on the areas of concentration of wrinkles, in particular: the forehead, the nasolabial fold, the cheeks, the outer corners of the eyes and the neck. Advantageously, the product is fragrance-free, but the opinions of customers in practice whether it is hypoallergenic or not vary greatly. Some find it suitable for their sensitive skin, while others find it irritating, drying.

DioptiRide corrective filling cream, Lierac

Lierac’s wrinkle filler contains various active ingredients which, according to its manufacturer, combine science and nature. The peptides in its composition protect the eye area from the effects of UV rays. The alkaline phosphatase stimulates the biosynthesis of fibroblasts repairing damaged skin tissue. The ingredients Hyalu 2 with a plumping and rehydrating effect and Botulinum-Like Hexapeptide which inhibits muscle contraction are its other major players. Know that its average value for money product rating is 3.7/5.

Other 50+ anti-wrinkle fillers worth mentioning


Without going into detail, a few other wrinkle-filling treatments worth mentioning are:

  • Perfectionist Pro Instant Wrinkle Filler by Estée Lauder
  • Lisse Minute Base Comblante by Clarins
  • Radiant See Miraculous Rejuvenating Filler via MINUS 417.
  • Vegetal Serum for Wrinkles and Firmness by Yves Rocher, targeted for the eyes and lips
  • Instant Multi-Correction Filler Care from the Age Protect series by Uriage

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