How to file ballerina nails? Video tutorial and 20+ nail art ideas on the trendiest 2023 shape!

by Kristiyana

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been telling you about all sorts of manicure trends: colours, decorative elements like gold leaf and rhinestones, various nail art ideas, etc. However, an important part of the nail world is still neglected, and it is the shape that will be in the spotlight this year. Let me reveal to you the nails shape that we will see everywhere in 2023. Any guesses? Why, it’s ballerina nails! Do you want to know how to create it at home? And which nail art to choose? Who can enjoy it? I tell you everything in the following paragraphs, and I also give you a gallery of images that is full of inspiration!

Can I wear ballerina nails?


When it comes to a trendy nail shape, the first question that comes to mind is “Would it suit me?”. In the case of the ballerina shape, it is only possible to achieve a certain length. I, therefore, advise you to let your nails grow, but also to strengthen them. To achieve this, use homemade nail care products while favouring natural products. But if your nails are quite brittle or if you have the annoying habit of biting them, it is better to resort to extensions. Nowadays, there are several techniques that do not damage the nails and are easy to do. The most popular? Certainly the gel and nail extension—a less invasive method that gives a more or less natural effect. Finally, the ballerina looks particularly good on long, thin fingers.

How to file ballerina nails?



Does this trendy 2023 manicure appeal to you? So, how do create a ballerina nail shape at home? You should know that this shape is a bit difficult to recreate, but don’t be discouraged. In the video above, nail stylists explain in detail how to make the ballerina with sandalwood extensions. In addition, the tutorial shows how to achieve a flawless gel manicure step by step. If you don’t succeed in creating the ballerina the first time, don’t hesitate to try again.

Which nail art is best for your ballerinas?



Good news: all bold choices are welcomed! To make your 2023 nails look their best, I recommend that you opt for chrome nails, the mirror-effect manicure that has been on the rise in recent weeks. Think of light and soft colours, especially pastel shades, that create a stunning manicure!


And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, how about trendy Valentine’s Day nail art in the shape of a ballerina? Cute little hearts, a gradient effect, pink or red… the choice is yours!

Ballerina nails in 20 ideas that are a hit!


Nails in the shape of a ballerina in a blue French manicure


French manicure and rhinestones for a top ballerina


Trendy manicure in 2023? Opt for a ballerina shape enhanced by a classic French


Simple and chic nail art in nude


White manicure with rhinestones and glitter for daring girls


In 2023, we adopt nude nails on a ballerina shape


What’s the current trend for nails? We love ballerina nails!


White and geometric nail decorations for the bride’s manicure


Nails in a baby boomer ballerina shape for a winter 2023 nail art


Marbled manicure combined with a chrome effect


Simple and chic nail art to enhance ballerina nails


Glitter, a nude shade and golden stripes for trendy nails 2023


Cute Valentine’s Day nail art idea 2023 in pastel colours


Matte red and glitter for Valentine’s Day nail art in 2023


Classic black for “gothic” ballerinas


When in doubt, opt for nude!


Simple and chic nail art idea with rhinestones


The aura effect is splendid on ballerina nails


Baby boomer ballerina nails—a trend that continues to seduce girls



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