Chrome nails 2023: Learn how to achieve a chrome nail look + stunning design ideas!

by Anjelina

Beauty trends are constantly changing, which can only make us happy as we get more and more ideas to try to get a fresh new look. The start of a new year is a great time to take stock of what the latest trends will be, so we can draw inspiration and stay on trend. That’s why in this article, we’re going to take a look at the recently popular chrome nails 2023! Find out how to achieve the metallic effect, and you’ll get plenty of ideas for your new manicure!

Chrome nails 2023: What makes them so unique?

silver chrome nails short round shape

The chrome manicure has actually been one of the most popular beauty trends for a few years now, reaching its peak in 2023. With its mysterious look, the owners of such manicures often feel like a heroine from a sci-fi movie. Chrome nails often pair well with clothes and shoes that feature similar accents, so don’t hesitate to go for such ones. In fact, this idea was introduced into the art of manicures a few years ago, but because of all the beauty trends that strived for a natural look, it remained in the shadows for a while. However, chrome nails 2023 are currently enjoying endless admirers and will definitely be trendy throughout the new year.

How to achieve a chrome nail look?

bronze manicure idea 2023 short square nails


As for ways to make a chrome finish, they are several. There is a wide choice of nail polishes on the market that resemble a metallic finish, also another well-known way to achieve such an effect is through pigment powder. Of course, artificial nails that you can just glue on are also available. As you can see, you have a choice of materials if you wish to do such a manicure yourself at home. Also keep in mind that to create such an image, the nail plate must be perfectly flat, without even the slightest defects. However, if you don’t like to experiment, it’s best to trust an experienced manicurist to take care of everything!

Simple way to create a mirror manicure at home

how to achieve chrome effect on nails at home

If you want to get an expressive and modern mirror manicure at home, we suggest you follow our step-by-step guide. As already mentioned, you don’t need to be a manicurist to achieve this effect yourself. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Start by preparing your nails – remove cuticles, degrease your nails and, if necessary, apply a primer.
2. Apply a thin layer of gel base and dry under a UV or LED lamp (2 minutes under UV light and ½ minute under LED light).
3. It is necessary to cover your nails with colored gel polish (serves as a base), then dry it as well.
4. Apply no sticky top coat and dry the nails again.
5. Take the chrome pigment from the applicator jar and gently rub it onto your nails.
6. Pay special attention to hard-to-reach areas.
7. Remove excess pigment with a fan brush and fix the manicure with two coats of top coat.
8. Your manicure is ready!

Stunning chrome nails 2023 – design ideas

chrome nails 2023 square shape silver

The chrome effect on nails can make any girl feel like a real queen! It’s wonderful that the color range and choices are now so many. In fact, the manicure and the choice of colors can often tell a lot about its owner. Every fashionable lady can choose a shade of mirror manicure according to her own taste and preferences. We will give you some great chrome nail art ideas to get inspired by and find the right one for you!

Gold chrome nails

gold chrome nails long pointed nails

For a truly gorgeous look, we suggest you go for the gold chrome designs. They can pair beautifully with your jewelry if it is gold as well, you will surely attract a lot of attention and compliments! Plus, this metallic color goes on nails of any length and shape. You can cover the whole nail plates or simply just add a beautiful accent – the decision is entirely yours and, of course, you should make it based on what look you are going for – more casual or formal!

Metallic black

black long chrome nails metallic effect

Black nails usually bring a special mood to their owners, which makes them choose this particular color more often. They definitely attract the attention of others and do not go out of fashion! So if you generally love a dark manicure, you can try diversifying it with some chrome finish (not too much, so it doesn’t turn into silver).

Chrome as an accent in nail designs

short light striped nails gold baby blue

It is not necessary to use the chrome effect on all of your nails! Do a combination of a few colors and finish with a very subtle chrome accent in a color that goes with and complements the design! You can go for beautiful baby blue nails, and polish just one of your nails in a nude color, then add gold chrome to it. It’s a lovely idea, isn’t it?

Chrome nails 2023 – Photo Gallery

long stiletto nails chrome rhinestones nude colors

Beautiful nails, chameleon effect

chameleon nails mirror effect almond shape

Gorgeous gold manicure

gold chrome effect of medium length nails gradient

Mirror manicure idea

mirror manicure silver medium length nails

Black nails, chrome effect

black nails chrome mirror effect long ballerina shape

Gold manicure idea

gold manicure mirror effect gold jewelry

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