Thanksgiving Nail Designs 2022: 17 Gorgeous Ideas to Try Out Now for the Holidays!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Oh, I just love the holidays at this time of the year, don’t you? Soon we will be dressing up in spooky, and stylish costumes, and then there comes one of the most beloved holidays—Thanksgiving! Home-cooked roast turkey, getting together with beloved family members from near and far, and don’t get me started on those festive decorations! I just love anything that represents the beautiful fall season with its rich range of colours and the festive mood that it brings! Come to think of it, why not try out some of these beautiful colours and decorations on my nails! I am in need of a manicure, and nothing says ready-for-the-holidays like a fresh nail design, that perfectly represents the Thanksgiving Holiday spirit! Here are some fantastic ideas on thanksgiving nail designs!

Thanksgiving Nail Designs 2022

thanksgiving turkey nails, turkey nail designs

Let’s have a look at the two main questions that come to mind when we are picking out a new nail style. First, let’s focus on colours.

What nail colour is good for Thanksgiving?

fall skittle nails, fall colours nail design

When you are wondering what colour to have your nails done in, there is a variety to choose from. The traditional colours of the Thanksgiving holiday are orange, yellow, brown, red, and green. Any combination between these festive colours will capture the holiday spirit that you wish to acquire for this fall season! Or you can always go with a single one or maybe two colours for your nails, but be careful with the red and green combination, so you don’t end up with Christmas-themed nails!

There is a saying that the colour orange is for the pumpkin, yellow is the corn, brown is the turkey with stuffing to adorn. Red are the cranberries, green are the beans—five delicious colours in a feast of my dreams! Hah! So pick your colours and design the nails of your dreams!

simple fall nail designs, elegant nail designs

You can also add some sparkle to mix things up! I personally like more simple and elegant designs, preferably in red, as that is my all-time favourite colour! Burgundy red and gold sparkle never looked better!

elegant thanksgiving nails, sparkly nail designs

Another elegant nail design that you can also do at home by yourself! Paint each nail in coppery orange. Then add some sparkly orange polish to two or three of your nails and finish up with a top coat. Stylish and festive at the same time!

The length and shape of the nails is can also be quite important when choosing the colour and style that would best suit you. Some designs just look better when there is more space to work with. This year, it appears that most of the nail trends involve ballerina/tapered coffin-shaped nails. However, if you are like me and can’t grow long and strong nails, you can always shape them in a rounded or square shape to keep them in better health.

Now let’s touch upon the second question—decorations.

What decorations to use for a thanksgiving nail design?

thanksgiving nail art, thanksgiving turkey nail art

As Thanksgiving is a celebration that occurs during fall, there is an abundance of ideas for decorations to pick from! From colourful leaves to pumpkins, mushrooms, and even turkeys! What more says Thanksgiving than a little adorable turkey painted as e decoration on your nail?! This is a little tricky design to do by yourself, but if you think you have the skill, go for it!

Tutorial on Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Nails:

A quick and easy tutorial on how to paint that cute little turkey on your nails!

fall nails 2022, fall nail trends

Beautiful almond shaped-nails with in a pumpkin orange polish, combined with sparkle, colourful autumn leaves, and gold foil!

mushroom nails, orange nail designs

Mushroom nails are a big trend right now, so I advise you to not miss out on it and have yourself painted little cute mushrooms on your nails for the Thanksgiving holiday!

orange and green nails, fall nail colours 2022

A very chic and feminine choice! Soft pink in combination with emerald green, pumpkin orange, a matte top coat and some lovely flower decorations!

autumn leaves nails, fall leaves nails

A fashionable design without a doubt! Show off your new Thanksgiving-themed manicure at the family dinner with a mix of colours like mustard yellow, creamy white and brick red.

Additional Glamorous Ideas for your Thanksgiving Manicure

autumn nail trends 2022, autumn nail designs 2022

When you are getting ready for the fall holidays, you can never go wrong with pumpkin orange!

what nail color is good for thanksgiving

This by far is one of my favourite nail designs! If I had longer nails, I would definitely try it… Oh, none the matter, I am trying it out anyway with my short nails and whatever happens, happens. A little dark edge to your festive manicure! And I just love that pumpkin!

pumpkin pie nails

Doesn’t this design look yummy? The pumpkin pie nail trend is sweet and delightful!

Hopefully you picked out the colour and design that best suits you and are off to the nail salon as we speak! And if are still having some trouble picking out a style, you can check the fall nail trends of 2022 which can further aid you in your troubles. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Nail Designs-Photo Gallery

turkey art nail designs, orange nails ideas

Almond nude nails with rose gold metallic decorations

thanksgiving nude nails

 Brown almond French nails with a light nude base and a darker brown tip

brown almond nails, almond nails designs

You can’t go wrong with this cute and colourful pumpkin art! 

pumpkin art nail design, pumpkin nails

Simple and stylish ombre nails in sparkly earthly tones 





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