Pastel Chrome Nails: Turn Your Manicure Into the Perfect Summer 2023 Accessory!

by Gabby

Our manicure is definitely one of the best accessories for summer. It is inevitably part of making us look good and it influences our self-esteem. Are you familiar with the trends this year? Pastel colors have quite quickly climbed to the top of the charts, and the fact that they look a bit “childish” for some, is now totally forgotten. Now, what if we add chrome to the equation? BOOM, you get the perfect Summer nails 2023. Let me show you the pastel chrome nails that you absolutely MUST try this season!

Pastel Chrome Nails: Turn Your Manicure Into the Perfect Summer 2023 Accessory!

different chrome nail colors pastel manicure almond

Yes, the pastel colors were the ones that weren’t so popular with it-girls, precisely because their look was defined as more childish. But this year, things have changed and they are some of the most desirable. The nail experts found a way to turn our favorite pastels into chrome manicures. For the bravest of you, you can even polish each fingernail in a separate color, which has been making quite a buzz around the Taylor Swift Eras Tour. Now, let’s check out some of the best pastel chrome nail shades!

Pastel Pink Chrome Nails

pink chrome nails pastel summer manicure trends 2023


Pink is the most girly color that we love so much. Especially now around the sensational Barbie movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, you can come across the Barbiecore trend everywhere. These pastel pink chrome nails definitely fall into that category. They’ll make you stand out in a crowd and make you irresistible this summer.

Pastel Yellow Chrome Nails

pastel yellow chrome nails summer manicure trends 2023

Yellow is the color of happiness, or at least according to myself. It reminds me of the long Summer days when I feel the most free and content. It also minds me of lemons, which I personally think are super cute! What better way to adapt a new manicure then mixing pastel yellow chrome with lemon decoration? It is certainly trendy and chic! The shape of the nails can be whichever you prefer, but our nail experts recommend the almond.

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Pastel Blue Chrome Nails

pastel blue chrome nails long square shape

Pastel blue chrome nails are the most wearable out of them all, because when they switch color, they can turn silver. They are also easy to match with your outfits. As you can see from the picture, they look great with denim. If you are not a fan of the square shape, feel free to switch things up and adapt any shape you want. You can even add some trendy decoration, if you are feeling bold enough. Because of their shine, these nails are also amazing for a special occasion.

French Chrome Nails

purple chrome french tip nails

Have you heard about the newest trend in nail art? French chrome nails are all over the Internet and here’s why! They are ideal to wear, if you don’t want to go all out with the chrome shade that you pick. You can simply do French tips and call it a day! These that you see here are in pastel purple shade – lavender, which will be a total hit this Summer 2023!

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Pastel Green Chrome Nails

pastel green chrome nails 2023 manicure almond shape ideas

If you’re a fan of green color, then the best manicure for you will be the pastel chrome. Just look at the reflection it makes! Simply breathtaking! Now think about how it will look in the sun during the Summer days? If you are planning a vacation, this will be your top choice. I’m sure you’ll thank us later! The only advise that we could give you here, is to try a more subtle shape of the nails, if you are going to adapt the green pastel chrome. If you go for something like stiletto or square, it could look a bit harsh and it will not have the same effect!

Other Pastel Chrome Nails to Choose for Summer 2023

pastel purple chrome nails short almond shape

Pastel Nails with Glitter Chrome Decoration

pastel nails with glitter chrome

Pastel Orange Chrome Nails with a Trendy Summer Decoration

pastel orange chrome nails 2023 with summer decorations

Green French Chrome Tip Nails with Decorations

french chrome nails green with decoration

Pastel Purple Chrome and Matte Nails: Long Square Shape

pastel purple chrome nails with matte decoration

Pastel Pink French Chrome Nails with Pearl Decoration: Summer Manicure Trends 2023

chrome french tip nails in pink with pearl decoration

Blue French Chrome Nails Square Shape

blue french chrome nails 2023

Pastel Blue Chrome Nails with Flower Decoration for Summer 2023

pastel blue chrome nails 2023 trends

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