Butterfly Bob: This Is the Modern Trendy Hairstyle 2023 That Suits Women of All Ages

by Kremy

The long butterfly cut was yesterday! Today we wear our hair in its short version – the Butterfly bob.

short butterfly bob on dark hair

For those who still don’t get it – the layered butterfly haircut is here to stay. Its unique layers create a chic, stunning look, are saying goodbye to the classic blunt cut to add more movement to their hair. And while the stylish haircut was only for the long-haired ladies in the beginning, this is no longer the case. The butterfly bob is the trendy bob hairstyle 2023, which everyone can wear now.

What Is Butterfly Bob?

what is butterfly bob haircut


The new variation of the bob is very chic, versatile and adaptable. Its predecessor is the great butterfly haircut for long hair that made a sensation last year. Since 2023 is the year of the bob (at least as I call it), it only makes sense that the popular cut gets a quick update. And if we have to be honest, the long butterfly cut is beautiful, but difficult to style. In contrast, the butterfly bob can be styled in under 15 minutes, leaving you more time for the important things in life.

Okay, now back to the hairstyle. What exactly does the butterfly bob look like? The hairstyle has the classic length of the bob, with the front section of hair featuring feather-like layers that frame the face. When styled properly, these layers look like butterfly wings, hence the hairstyle’s name. The key word here is: volume.

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Who Is the New Trendy Hairstyle 2023 Suitable For?

layered bob butterfly cut with face framing layers

If your hair has enough body and texture, and is naturally wavy, then the butterfly bob is the perfect short hairstyle 2023 for your hair structure. But that doesn’t mean women with fine or thin, straight hair can’t wear the trend. Quite the opposite! The trendy bob variation makes thin hair appear thicker, but it does require a bit more styling for these hair types. Don’t worry, we’ll explain how to do it afterwards.

As for the face shape, the special butterfly layers can flatter a round or square face in a perfect way. They make the face look longer and more oval, and soften the contours of both of these face shapes. Apart from that, women with a very long face should rather avoid the new trendy bob, as it can make the face even narrower and longer.

who does the butterfly bob suit

And the best? The trendy bob variation is suitable for women of all ages. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 20 or 60 – if it’s cut and styled properly, you can wear the butterfly bob regardless of your age.

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Styling the Butterfly Bob: This Is How to Do It!

What makes the Butterfly so special is its versatility. Compared to the Blunt Bob, for example, it doesn’t have one exact shape, because the face-framing layers are adjusted to your own facial features. In terms of styling, one’s hair texture is essential to the amount of care and products used.

For Wavy Hair

zendaya with butterfly bob at award ceremony

If you have the perfect hair texture for the butterfly bob, i.e. full and wavy, only a few styling products and techniques are necessary. All you should do on a day-to-day basis is treat the hair with the usual styling product for curls or waves and then scrunch it with your hands. For the front strands of hair, you can use the finger-coiling method with three fingers: Each strand is twisted around the middle three fingers and then loosened with a downward movement. Do this in the direction that the butterfly steps should be, usually towards the back of the head.

Another option would be to work with a blow dryer and a round brush. Pay some extra attention to the front layers as they will determine the exact shape of your bob hairstyle. For a voluminous blowout, here’s what you should do:

  • Work some mousse into roots and apply heat protectant from mid-lengths to the tips.
  • Then blow-dry each section of hair with the round brush and place the hair on top of your head in Velcro rollers for extra volume.
  • Once the hair has cooled, run your fingers through each section, using some texturizing hairspray to add definition and create effortless movement.

For Fine, Straight Hair

layered bob hairstyle the butterfly cut

Those who are not blessed with full and thick hair should be well prepared to use the blow dryer round brush technique to style the butterfly bob. Proceed as described above by using suitable products for your hair type.

As an alternative to the blow dryer and round brush, you can also use a curling iron to create movement in the front and back layers.

Important styling products for this look are:

  • A leave-in conditioner or detangling spray is a must-have for wavy and curly hair. It helps make hair soft and manageable.
  • If the hair is styled with heat (including blow-dry), then a suitable heat protectant is essential for the appropriate hair texture.
  • For faster styling with the hair dryer, you can get a blow-dry spray for faster and gentle blow-drying.

Attention! If you have fine hair, use only products specifically designed for this hair structure. Inappropriate sprays and styling creams can make hair sticky and make it look greasy. If your hair is fine or thin, the “less is more” rule applies for the products you use.

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More Variations of the Short Butterfly Hairstyle

butterfly bob with bangs

Although it doesn’t look as detailed as the long version, the butterfly bob will surely catch your eye. The feathery layers will flatter your face wonderfully and frame it beautifully. Do you like this cut? Then take a look at the other variations of the modern and trendy hairstyle.

Long Butterfly Bob

butterfly long bob stylish trendy hairstyle for shoulder length hair

Shoulder Length with Long Layers

butterfly lob modern layered hairstyle 2023

The Comeback of a Popular Cut

modern rachel cut long butterfly bob

Note: does this hairstyle remind you of someone? Friends fans guessed it right – this is the modern version of the popular Rachel hairstyle from the 90s! Both haircuts look very similar, with the butterfly bob having few styling differences.

The Feathered Butterfly Bob Is Ideal for Older Women

butterfly haircut for short hair after 50

The butterfly cut is the metamorphosis that our hair needs to regain volume and lightness. It is therefore perfect for women aged 50 or 60 and over.

Butterfly Bob with Curtain Bangs

layered bob for women over 50 butterfly cut

Feathery Layers Are a Great Choice for Women Over 50

feathery layers for older women feathered bob

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