Kim Kardashians Bob Haircut 2023: How to Rock the Summer Hairstyle?

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What trendy haircut 2023 to get to stay on top? Is the bob still fashionable? What’s its most famous variation? Look at Kim Kardashians bob haircut 2023 that just took social media by storm!

kim kardashians bob haircut 2023 slob bobhairstyle trends

For years now, Kim Kardashian has been surprising us with her ultra-trendy hairstyles. Whether she sports a long or short haircut, her hairstyle is always flawless. A few days ago, the star unveiled her new hairstyle on her Instagram account and immediately caused a stir. So, is Kim Kardashians 2023 bob haircut for you? How to rock the “slob”?

The “Slob” or Kim Kardashians Bob Haircut 2023 That We Find Irresistible!

kim kardashians bob haircut 2023 slob bob hairstyle trends 2023


Want to change your hairstyle this summer to stay on top of hair trends? So, what are haircut trends in 2023? We have the perfect proposal for you and it’s straight from Kim Kardashian’s Instagram! The businesswoman recently showed off a short bob haircut, in fact very short, as you can see in the image above. But which of the many variations of bob is that exactly?

Kim Kardashians bob haircut 2023 is the “slob haircut“, which proves to be perfect for the summer due to its very short length. The term “slob” is a combination of slick and bob. In other words, it is a smooth, straight and very chic bob haircut that’s a breath of fresh air for all hair types. Kim Kardashian’s slob ends just above the jawline, with a slightly tousled side and all the locks are the same length.

Kim Kardashians Bob Haircut 2023: Who Can Wear It?

bob haircut 2023 slob bob trend straight blonde hair

Are you looking for a new haircut 2023? Does Kim Kardashian’s bob appeal to you? If so, one question is probably burning your lips: can I wear the slob? Good news: every girl can enjoy Kim Kardashian’s new haircut, no matter her hair type. This 2023 bob haircut really flatters all textures, including slightly wavy hair. What’s more, this hairstyle adds volume to fine, thinning hair and makes it look thicker.

haircut trends 2023 trendy slob bob hailey bieber

As far as face shape is concerned, the slob complements all of them, but it’s important to adapt it well. For example, if you have a round face and frizzy hair, a short slob may not be a good idea. The choice of stylist is therefore essential, because a good professional will know how to adjust it to your facial features in the best way.

Warning: Make sure to avoid bangs, because they don’t suit the slob at all. The strands framing the face should be the same length as the rest of the hair.

How to Style the Slob Bob Haircut?

how to wear the slob bob haircut trend 2023

Although this 2023 bob haircut has a very natural look, you will still need time and effort to give it a nice, neat shape. This depends, of course, on your hair texture. The smoother it is, the less time you will spend in front of the mirror. As you’ve probably already noticed, the smooth finish is the essence of the slob and you need to put the most effort into it. How to achieve it? You have two options: blow-drying or using a straightening iron. Get a round brush and a hair dryer to complete your blow-dry in 5 minutes! If that seems complicated to you, the straightening iron comes to your rescue and it turns out to be the best method to give this bob the shape it deserves.

Warning: Whichever method you choose, don’t forget to use a heat protectant product to protect your hair from the harmful effects of heat tools.

What Bob Hairstyle to Wear at 40?

what bob hairstyle to wear at 40 slob bob kim kardashians bob haircut 2023

Looking for a trendy 2023 haircut that’s original and will make you look glamorous? Don’t hesitate to opt for the slob bob, which flatters the faces of women of all ages. After all, Kim Kardashian is 42 and wears the slob wonderfully well!

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