VIDEO: How to do a modern banana bun to adopt THE trendy hairstyle for 2023?

by Kremy

New year, new hair trends! With all the new trends that are constantly evolving, you’re probably wondering which 2023 hairstyle to choose so that you stay on top. Well, the hair style for the next 12 months is not new at all. It is a retro hairstyle that reinvents itself to meet the current trends as well as the preferences of every fashionable girl. It is even possible to interpret it as you see fit and create your own very chic version. Today, I will show you how to do a modern banana bun in two steps and three movements thanks to a video tutorial. Let’s go!

What type of hair is suitable for the modern banana bun?

how to do a modern banana bun hairstyle trend 2023 ideas video

As a general rule, the banana bun is a hairstyle for long and thick hair, because it requires both length and volume. In other words, this is the ideal and chic twist to upgrade your hair without going to the hairdresser. Moreover, the modern banana bun that is taking the 2023 hairstyle trend by storm is reinventing itself to adapt to all hair types. Still, it’s only long and medium-length manes that benefit the most. After all, this timeless bun is a bit difficult to style on short hair, isn’t it?

How to do a modern banana bun quickly and easily?

modern banana bun tutorial video YouTube hairstyle 2023 woman 40 years old


Busy girls, don’t worry! If you believe that this trendy hairstyle for women 2023 takes a long time to do, think again. Thanks to its new versions, it is now possible to make a banana bun in a modern and fast way. An elegant or disheveled low bun, a large braided bun or two locks simply twisted and tied… this hairstyle offers a styling for every occasion. I suggest you let your imagination run wild and work your hair in different ways to achieve a personalized bun.



To better assist you, I give you a YouTube video above where Kayley shows us how to do an easy banana bun in a few simple steps. In addition, she also unveils the classic banana bun that always continues to stand out on the red carpet.

Do you prefer a messy banana bun? No worries, just use a hair claw clip to bring a big, messy bun to life. You already know the technique: shape a ponytail and twist it until you get the banana effect. Finally, secure with the clip. Don’t forget to leave two strands around the face to frame it nicely.

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Chic and trendy bun 2023 ideas

banana bun wedding low hairstyle trend 2023 hairstyle

The braided banana bun is a bold, yet fashionable wedding hairstyle

wedding hairstyle trend 2023 modern banana bun

Modern banana bun idea done on wavy hair with strands that frame the face

how to do a modern banana bun wavy hair hairstyle trend 2023


Hairstyle trend 2023: The disheveled hair effect takes hold of the bun

easy modern hairstyle 2023 trend banana bun tutorial

The sleek banana-style bun: A low bun for medium-length hair

easy banana bun modern hairstyle trend 2023


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