Christmas Party Updo Hairstyles – Elegant Ponytails and Buns to Look Truly Glamorous!

by Kremy

With the holiday season approaching, every woman wants to look truly stunning, as well as receive many compliments. In addition to the right outfit, the right hairstyle plays an important role. No matter how old a woman is – 30, 40 or 50, she always wants to look elegant. Those who follow the latest hairstyle trends are aware that naturalness and elegant carelessness are the main features of a modern woman. So, is you have decided on your outfit, let’s look at those Christmas party updo hairstyles that will make you irresistible!

Christmas Party Updo Hairstyles for a Chic and Elegant Look

christmas party updo hairstyles for a chic and elegant look

What are the best Christmas party updo hairstyles? And why choose an updo anyway? On the first place, these hairstyles are exceptionally feminine, they accent the beauty of your facial features, open the neck and ears. From a purely practical point of view, an updo is a great party hairstyle if you plan to dance. Your hair will not get in your face and will not get wet from sweat. You wouldn’t want messy wet strands stuck on your face, would you? Last but not least, there are numerous festive updo hairstyles for long and medium long hair – from modern ponytails to buns, chignons, knots, twists and braids, so you are spoiled for choice!

Christmas Party Updo Hairstyles – Opt for a Trendy Ponytail

christmas party updo hairstyles opt for a trendy ponytail

A refined cocktail of modest classics and bright charisma, ponytails are very trendy this year and it is not a surprise that they are among the most popular bridal hairstyles. They are versatile and suitable for women of any age. High or low, sleek or voluminous, braided or twisted, with or without bangs – the choice is yours!

High Ponytail Hairstyles

christmas party updo ideas high ponytail haitsryles

A high ponytail looks interesting and stylish. Optionally, you can pull out small strands on both sides of the face.

Low Ponytail

christmas party hairstyles ideas low ponytail

The low ponytail will allow you to rock a simple and practical, yet fashionable hairstyle. For a glamorous party, you can opt for a sleek low ponytail. This style is suitable for long and medium length hair.

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Festive Updo Hairstyles for Your Christmas Party – The Bun

christmas party updo hairstyles retro style bun

A bun is timeless. It will be appropriate not only in everyday style, but for any party. A bun can be perfectly neat or messy, simple or complex – the choice is yours. You can also complement it with various beautiful hair accessories. A bun will look even better with a few released strands, which immediately give lightness and make you look effortlessly elegant. There is no doubt that this is one of the Christmas party updo hairstyles that will definitely make you irresistible!

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Chic High Bun Hairstyles

festive updo hairstyles for your christmas party

The high bun is one of the most popular hairstyles among women of all ages all over the world. One of its main advantages is that it can be done not only on long hair, but you can also try it on short hair. The hairstyle completely opens the face and you can choose between many variations – sleek, messy, with braids, you can add accessories, etc.

Low Bun Variations

christmas party updo hairstyles low bun

Low bun hairstyles can favorably complement both everyday and evening looks. You can even do it at home without any effort. This is a great choice for thin hair as well. A smooth, sleek low bun is very elegant, but if you prefer a more relaxed look, choose a stylish messy variation. For a bohemian look, a low bun can be complemented with individual loose strands near the face.

christmas party hairstyle ideas asymmetrical bun

Another timeless classic is the asymmetrical bun. The hair is collected off center to the left or right side. This is an easy party hairstyle and beautiful hair accessories will add elegance to the loo. To do an asymmetrical bun, you need to comb your hair, tie a low ponytail on the side and twist the strands.

Here is a video tutorial how to do a chic low bun at home:

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Christmas Party Updo Hairstyles – The French Twist

christmas party updo hairstyles the french twist

The French twist never goes out of style. It is a great choice for those who are looking for a simple and classy hairstyle. It is done very quickly and anyone can manage it. The French twist looks perfect with any dress. This elegant hairstyle has a truly royal look, and is often worn by celebrities on the red carpet. Don’t you think that this is one of the perfect Christmas party updo hairstyles? If you haven’t tried a French twist before, simply follow the video tutorial.

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