Low bun on short hair: 3 glamorous ideas to combine style and comfort at the start of the school year!

by Kremy

In winter, long hair keeps us warm. But in summer, it’s just the opposite! The downside? It is difficult to style your hair when the length is not there. But who said you had to have Rapunzel’s mane to enjoy a pretty trendy hairstyle? Messy, braided, cord knot or bohemian, the low bun on short hair is no longer an impossible mission. Your hair does not reach the shoulders? So, that’s very good, because the bun looks great on a short bob.

How to Do a Low Bun on Short Hair? The Easy Tutorial!

how to do a low bun on short thin hair

Even without the length, you can make a nice structured and flawless bun. To achieve success, nothing could be simpler and faster! Make a small tail at the nape of the neck and twist it around itself, then wrap it around the elastic band and secure with pins. Hairspray and use wax to flatten small hairs. The good trick? Choose the right hair accessories: trendy barrettes, giant scrunchie, scarf, etc. Girls with short thin hair can also choose between a low bun and a side bun. To make a side bun, bring your mane to the side and follow the same steps. In short, if you need an easy hairstyle for hot days, fast and glamorous to stop sweating around your neck, it’s here!

The Sleek Bun for All Short Hair Types

sleek bun tutorial low bun on short hair


What trendy hairstyle can you choose when you have a short haircut? If you’re a fan of Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid, then you probably know their favorite hairstyle: the sleek bun. Trendy and easy to make, this elegant chignon has been a hit since the summer of 2021. And with the scorching summer temperatures, it doesn’t intend to go away. Its first advantage is that it is perfect for hiding oily hair. The sweat and oil from your scalp will help you pull off this hairstyle quickly and hassle-free. Less boring than a simple tail and wiser than pigtails, this hairstyle is the ideal ally against perspiration. A brush, a styling gel, an elastic band and you’re there. It is also the ultimate trick to have a lifted look. In addition, you can accessorize it in several ways: zig zag headband, bandana, crab clip, barrettes, mini braids, etc.

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The Messy Low Bun on Short Hair

low bun short hair hairstyle woman summer 2022

If during the summer, you tie your hair quite often, you can be tempted by the low and messy bun regardless of the season. A hairstyle worthy of a duchess, it will be on everyone’s head at the start of the school year. Despite its worked look, it is relatively easy to make. Whether you have straight or curly, fine or thick short hair, the star hairstyle of the moment remains a safe bet to clear the neck and fight against the heat. Just tie your hair in a low tail and twist it around itself to form a kind of bun. The idea is to let out a few small loose strands that you then use to hide the elastic band. The ultra glamorous wedding low bun is yours!

Low bun on short hair 3 glamorous ideas

For this type of hairstyle, short curly hair is widely favored. As for smooth and fine manes, a few small tricks are necessary beforehand. Apply a dry shampoo to the roots to add volume to the hair or texturizing powder to add a little volume. Others may opt for a little backcombing to ensure a gorgeous finish. It is also possible to curl your mane.

How to Tie Your Hair Differently When You Have Short Hair?

what low bun for short hair back to school hairstyle banana bun


There are a good number of easy and glamorous hairstyles to choose from:

  • Opt for flat clips, pearl hair clips, a silk scarf or a headband.
  • Create curls and waves to add volume and movement to the short mane.
  • Make a quiff to make the short haircut more sophisticated.
  • Offset the parting to give your haircut an asymmetrical look.
  • Go for slick hair, the trend of slicked back hair.

The knot cord bun, the half bun and the banana are also very suitable for pimping short manes this season.




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