10 Modern Christmas Table Decorations to Copy for a Nature-Inspired Holiday Setting!

by Stephanie Yankova

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s time to start preparing for the next lavish feast of the season – Christmas! Along with a marathon of Home Alone and delicious home-cooked dishes, setting the table makes me truly excited about this celebratory day! If you also like to use the Holidays as a chance to unleash your creative energy, our modern Christmas table decorations are just for you! 

What is the Christmas Decor Trend in 2023?

rustic minimalist table decoration christmas 2023

In 2023, we are noticing a shift from the glitz and glam to a more minimalist, nature-inspired aesthetic. Organic materials such as cotton and linen, rustic tableware, and artesian decorations are the latest trends finding their way into our homes this year. Brass cutlery, handmade crockery in muted earthy tones, wooden ornaments, and twig bouquets are set to be the stars of this year’s Christmas tablescape!

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Modern Christmas Table Decorations

scots pine branches centerpiece christmas table decoration 2023

As a devoted minimalist, I’m delighted to see that we’ve reached a point of more simple and refined festive decorations. In all honesty, all you need to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere is ambient lighting, an aromatic candle, and good company! Although this may be a nice approach for your everyday dinners, I understand that we all like to go the extra mile for our friends and family. Let’s see how we can make this happen in a simple and elegant manner without breaking the bank!

Elegant and Moody Christmas Tablescape

pine branches christmas table decoration minimalist elegant tableware

Give your festive dinner table a modern twist by swapping the classic bold Christmas prints for muted earthy tones and nature-inspired decorations! This graphite cotton tablecloth will pair perfectly with a matching set of plates. The colors of the minimalist pine branches centerpiece can be reflected in the napkins for a more harmonious aesthetic. Finish off with dinner candles and your tablescape is done!

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White and Gold Table Setting

monochromatic all white christmas table setting 2023

Going for an all-white Christmas table is definitely not for the faint of heart. However, we must admit that the final look is totally worth a couple of wine and gravy stains. Here we also have an organic tablecloth that’s elevated with vintage flatware and more traditional gold centerpiece arrangements. In order to stay on theme with the more natural and minimalist approach, you can add a few pine cones and fresh pine needles or branches to the arrangement.

Modern Rustic Table Decorations

minimalist modern christmas table setting idea

There’s something incredibly charming about a simple, rustic tablescape. This eco-friendly approach can help you add a unique, personal touch to your Christmas table with minimal effort. Instead of using a big tablecloth, you can tear apart a recycled fabric and create little placemats that can also double as napkins. For the centerpiece, use a long and narrow piece, on top of which you can arrange pine cones, branches, fairy lights, and dinner candles.

natural minimalist modern christmas table decoration idea 2023

For a more elevated appearance, use a regular organic cotton tablecloth and napkins in a contrasting earthy color like mocha brown, pine green, gray, or deep burgundy. You can mix and match your plates and glasses to create a more playful and modern arrangement.

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Christmas Napkin Ideas

trendy minimalist christmas table setting greenery rustic tableware

I strongly believe that attention to detail makes all the difference between a good and a great tablescape. There’s one thing in particular that I like to pay a little extra attention to, and that’s the napkins. Something as simple as a note, a ribbon, a couple of flowers, or anything else that adds a personalized touch is always highly appreciated by the guests! Here are a couple of simple ideas that you can copy for your Christmas table!

Decorating with Dried Oranges

christmas napkin decorating dried oranges minimalist elegant design

Simple, aesthetically pleasing, and aromatic – dried oranges make for the perfect napkin decoration! Fold your napkins in squares, wrap a piece of twine around them, and before you tie it in a bow, thread the dried orange slice. Once you’re finished with your dinner, you can use it as a Christmas tree decoration.

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Simple Rugby Napkin Fold

simple elegant christmas napkin idea modern table setting 2023

The rugby fold is one of my favorite ones to make. It’s super simple, yet elegant, and really makes your guests feel like they’re having a fine dining experience in the comfort of your home. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to recreate it in just a few simple steps:

Add a Pop of Color with Red Berry Stems

elegant christmas napkin idea faux berry stems

If the all-natural muted aesthetic doesn’t feel very Christmas-y to you, a subtle colorful touch will create a completely different feel. Simply place a faux red berry stem in each napkin and the tablescape will immediately appear more festive!

Use Nature’s Gifts as Decoration

christmas tableware arrangement idea 2023

In the spirit of our eco-friendly Christmas aesthetic, you can go hardcore minimalist by decorating only with pine branches. This will make you feel like you’re having dinner in the woods, while the warm flames coming from the fireplace, or candle arrangements warm and calm your soul.


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