DIY Wooden Christmas Decorations – 3 Easy Projects for the Coming Holidays!

by Kremy

Ornaments sold in supermarkets or on shopping sites are certainly advantageous in terms of price, but let’s face it, they lack soul. There’s nothing like handmade items, especially when it comes to parties, personalized gifts and a warm atmosphere to share with family and friends. DIY wooden Christmas decorations have all of these beautiful aspects and more…

Handicrafts: Focus on DIY Wooden Christmas Decorations!

diy wood log slice garland christmas decoration ideas

Making your own wooden Christmas decorations is not complex, as long as you have the right materials and a pinch of inspiration. So, get some log slices, beads and some driftwood and roll up your sleeves as the following photo gallery offers some truly magical DIY ideas that you can easily copy.

Beads, Log Slices and Driftwood for 2023 Party Decorations

easy christmas craft ideas with wooden beads and paper

As for supplies, you can slice your own logs, given that you have firewood, for example. Otherwise, you can buy them in batches from art and hobby stores, physical or online. The same goes for natural wood beads which are perfect for DIY Christmas decorations. Ultimately, driftwood is a specific material shaped by her majesty, Nature, but if you don’t have it, you can replace it with ordinary twigs and branches that are just as attractive in texture.

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DIY Angels from Wooden Beads and Craft Paper

christmas craft ideas diy garland with paper and bead angels

Small DIY wooden Christmas ornaments are among the easiest items to make and, at the same time, their decorative effect is powerful and immediate. Prepare a spool of natural fiber twine and a few sheets of craft paper, and that’s it!

diy christmas decoration craft ideas wooden beads and paper angels

Make a loop with your thread and thread it through the hole in the bead. Then, fold two rectangular pieces of paper into an accordion. The smaller one will be the wings and the larger the body/dress. Pinch them in the center with your fingers, insert them into the rope loop and tighten the knot to secure the angel’s body to the head. That’s it!

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An Alternative Version with Paper Cones for Bodies and Wings

diy wooden christmas decorations easy projects paper cone angels

Garlands as a DIY Christmas Decoration

diy wooden christmas decorations beads and pompom garland

Minimalist garlands made of natural wooden beads and white baker’s twine are simply brilliant!  Want to make them a little more bohemian? Add tassel pompoms in pine green or bright red yarn! Here’s how to make them:

diy wooden christmas decorations easy projects for the coming holidays

Also try rustic-style garlands made from pierced logs strung on a string made of burlap, hemp, and so on. The white and red baker’s twine which reminds of candy canes is equally suitable for this idea.

diy christmas garland from wood log slices

For a natural finish in the holiday spirit, add a few real sprigs of eucalyptus, pine or cedar to your DIY wooden Christmas decoration. After all, greenery is always welcome when you want to emphasize freshness!

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DIY Driftwood Christmas Decoration Ideas

driftwood and wooden beads christmas decorations diy ideas

Decorative driftwood ornaments that can be hung in front of the window or on the wall have become very popular recently and can easily be recreated in a Christmas version by adding a few simple traditional elements that are typical for this period of the year…

driftwood christmas decoration ideas easy crafts

Add to your future wooden Christmas decorations a few pine cones, baubles otherwise intended for the tree or even salt dough stars perfectly capture the unparalleled magic of the festive season!

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All you have to do is hang your DIY wooden Christmas decorations!

christmas wall decoration ideas diy craft projects driftwood

A bonus project idea for keen DIYers: wooden wall tree

original diy wall christmas tree ideas

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