18 Creative DIY Christmas Baubles Ideas for Young & Old

by Kristiyana

How to make your own Christmas decoration? There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit! Help your child delve into the magic of the season or engage in creative meditation with these DIY Christmas baubles ideas!

DIY Christmas Baubles for Kindergarten

diy christmas baubles kindergarten easy to do

We start with the simplest project, although the others are not very complicated either. This Christmas kindergarten craft can be made with all kinds of recycled objects. In this case, we used a polystyrene ball (which you can find in craft stores), strings in different colors, and buttons. You can also use a tennis ball but know that it is heavier and will be difficult to hang on the Christmas tree. So you can use it to decorate the table instead. Keeping in mind that we are talking about small children, use water-based glue, which is easier to clean from hands and surfaces. And one last important thing: don’t try to recreate this ornament at a 1:1 scale. Let your child decide how to do it. This will stimulate their imagination and confidence.

DIY Paper Christmas Bauble

diy paper christmas bauble manual activity for children


Even in 2D, this ball is a very simple craft for children. Simply cut a circle out of cardboard (a shoebox, for example). Then make a cut every 2 cm/0.78 in, but to a depth of only 1 to 2 cm/0.39 to 0.78 in. All that remains is to use strings to make these pretty ornaments.

DIY Christmas Tree Hanger

diy tree hanger to do it yourself with recycled objects

As you can see, you can do a lot of things with string. This project is for adults only due to the use of a hot glue gun. But you can make it kid-friendly by simply replacing the gun with water-soluble glue. The strings are very easy to stick to the styrofoam balls, so don’t worry.

Eco-friendly Christmas Bauble

eco friendly christmas baubles with fruit easy centerpiece december end of year holidays

There is probably no easier and more eco-friendly decoration for the winter holidays than this one. This Christmas decoration is so fresh that you can even eat it the next day! Grab some citrus fruits like oranges or clementines. You can even use a grapefruit! Then take a satin ribbon to tie it like a gift and secure it on top using a disinfected pin. The last step is not mandatory, but you can do it to avoid the penetration of bacteria that can cause mold.

DIY Christmas Baubles with Paper Napkin

christmas decoration with paper napkin easy decoupage for the end of year holidays

Are you familiar with decoupage? It’s an activity that is suitable for both seniors and small children. So why not indulge in some fun and make this 2023 Christmas decoration together? It’s also a great inexpensive gift idea. A polystyrene ball costs between €0.20/$0.22 and €7/$7.65 depending on the size. You will also need a paper towel and glue. Cut out the pattern of your choice from the napkin and stick it onto the ball. Don’t forget to add a little glue on top to secure everything well. This will also add a slight shine to the ornament. Finally, you can use a pin to attach a ribbon to the top to hang it on the tree.

Christmas Baubles with Pine Cones

diy christmas baubles with pine cones easy decoration to do it yourself

The use of natural materials is not only a trend this year, but also a great way to create a cozy interior. It has the power to connect you to nature and calm your mind. So, do you have pine cones at home? If not, you can always go for a walk and pick some up. For this DIY craft, the best ones can be created with mountain pine because of their small size. However, you will need hot glue to attach them to a ball.

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Video Tutorial: 12 Easy DIY Christmas Baubles to Make

If all these DIY Christmas baubles have inspired you, then watch this video above, where you will find 12 more! They are all quite simple to recreate, and will definitely bring even more magic to your home during these winter holidays.

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