Miami style interior design: This is how you can combine the luxury atmosphere with the tropical flair!

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How to make your interior look contemporary and luxurious? Try adding furniture according to the trendy Miami style! The sunny city inspired aesthetic with bold shapes and colors can be easily reflected in any living space. You don’t necessarily have to travel to Florida to enjoy the cool furnishing style. You can create a casual, elegant and upscale atmosphere with Miami vibes in your home. Here are some examples of the unique design style and tips to help you incorporate it into your home!

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What is Miami style?

A combination of sophisticated, modern elements with touches of natural beauty can be observed in many houses in the city. Miami’s landscape is eye-catching itself, so homeowners love to use white walls and neutral color palettes. They then set the accents with bolder furniture and artwork. Such a light and neutral color palette accentuates the decor and furniture accordingly, with the cultural elements emphasizing the ultra-modern style.

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In addition, the Miami Style features design elements, such as luxurious marble floors and crisp white walls. This creates the perfect backdrop to add Miami vibes to the contemporary interior design style of the house. This allows tropical outdoor spaces to be brought indoors, and it’s no surprise that locals include such natural elements as part of the interior design.

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Another common element of Miami homes, condos, and apartments are large windows that let in plenty of natural light from the South Florida sun. Also, you may have noticed that some interior designers bring in colors inspired by different scenes of the city. While Miami style interiors are known for being mostly white, you can still find pops of color in the furniture and artwork. An example would be turquoise blue, inspired by nearby beaches.

Create a cozy atmosphere in the living room!

how to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room ideas 2023

So sunny beaches aren’t the only thing Miami has to offer. It’s also a home to a distinct architectural style, also known as “MiMo” or “Miami Modern”. Naturally, this unique interpretation of contemporary modern design also has a clear Latin American references. As a result, it has been trending since the ’80s. It follows the Miami style of decoration. It is a mix of ultra-modern design, glamorous decor ideas and lively elements. All of this is set against a neutral backdrop, often characterized by glossy marble and bright white palettes. Nevertheless, a touch of nature seems to be there as an addition, even in the most luxurious rooms.

MiMo Miami style interior design 2023 ideas furniture trends chic white cozy home

With an influence of Cuban culture, Miami’s interior design style is unlike any other major metropolitan area in the United States. The decor is endlessly playful, incorporating brilliant jewel tones and fabulous prints on furniture. There is more than one way to create a home like this. But with the tips and stylish ideas below, you’ll learn more about the basics so you can create your own dreamy coastal oasis.

How to create a modern home in Miami style?

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A mix of modern elements like metal furniture with soft colors can add textural depth and visual appeal to any space. The tables and sofas are with simple yet bold shapes, and also bring that trendy flair, while nature-inspired decor highlights what makes Miami so special. Such an interior design can be the missing bridge between modern and inviting home furnishings.

white home decor ideas for furniture living room sofas

White and shades of gray are a good base for walls and surfaces. However, this color palette is not the only thing seen in contemporary Miami homes. Warmer wood and metal tones can also be added, if you want to follow this style. In the end, the overall color scheme should be airy and light, but also in a way encouraging depth and dimension.

Miami Art Deco style

art deco interior design ideas miami style contemporary art decorations

When it comes to choosing modern Miami style furnishings, the luxurious velvet also plays an important role. This is because it combines perfectly with solid marble floors or countertops. Thus, you can give the room a dramatic and contemporary touch. Accordingly, the blend of warmth and modern styles blend seamlessly to create striking interiors that also reflect the warmth of the locals. This interior design that you see on the photo is definitely in the Art Deco style, which is one of the trendiest at the moment. You can combine both of the styles together and create the perfect ambiance at home!

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You want to try out the Miami style in your home? Start choosing furniture that are elegant and bright. Do you like a large mirror with gold metal frame? This will help emphasize the luxurious nature of the style. If you are wondering how to combine modern minimalism with luxury, then this is it!

Miami style: Try adding tropical plants to your interior!

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You want to add something iconic to your room? Well, palm trees are a must-have if you live in Florida. A house in the middle of a palm grove may be ideal, but of course this is not always possible. However, there is a great way to evoke that laid-back Miami Beach vibe in your decorating style. When possible, choose massive indoor palms in pots. In addition, such tropical plants work well in a large room. Alternatively, you can create an accent wall with a monochromatic wallpaper tastefully patterned with palm trees. If you are into the biophilic design, you can try recreating it in your home using palm trees.

Adding glamour to the room: Miami style edition

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Shiny and polished surfaces in combination with metal furniture can create glamorous atmosphere in any room. It is also important to combine different styles with Miami-inspired decoration. Take inspiration from the city and use iconic, modern themes and patterns in unexpected places, like on a bed frame, for example. Try something similar with metallic or shimmery side tables. Consider large mirrors as well.

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