Art deco interior design: What are the current trends in 2023?

by Gabby

Almost every season brings a new design, and the Art Deco trend 2023 makes no exception to the upcoming home trends. It’s about the chic side of Hollywood design, which is based on the glamorous elements of the 1920s that can be integrated into the interior in a modern way. Such a contemporary design is characterized by boldness in color and form, striking architectural elements and striking decorative pieces. I know we love to talk about fashion here, but I also like to share with you my advice and decoration ideas on new interior design. Vibrant colors, eco-responsible decor, vintage objects found at flea markets… full fire on all the major trend Art Deco interior design! Let’s find out what are some of the best suggestions!

art deco interior design 2023 villa big living room how to decorate it ideas

What are the main features of Art Deco?

Art Deco was inspired by the advances in modern technology of the 1920s, which can be seen in the flowing lines, geometric and streamlined shapes that characterized the movement. Art Deco has an innate luxury that is highlighted by the use of silver, crystal, ivory, jade and lacquer. The simple style is elegant, glamorous and functional and has already stood the test of time, showing its durability.

art deco interior design style decoration ideas 2023 living room old hollywood


Art Deco interior design: Living room ideas

living room ideas 2023 art deco furniture walls paintings lights

You need some new inspiration on how to decorate your living room? Art Deco interior design is something that will give your space a new life. If you are feeling bold and ready to experiments, this style allows you to match everything that you love. There is no shortage of decorations that today define and influence the modern style. Exquisite finishes, inlaid furnishing accessories, craftsmanship with artisanal taste are distinctive elements of the Art Deco style, with which it is possible to decorate your home, turning it into a bright, characterful and refined space.

art deco chic style how to decorate your living room in 2023 ideas

Art Deco bedroom

art deco bedroom ideas interior design 2023 decoration furniture bed geometrical

As I already mentioned, this particular style appeared in the begging of the last century. Therefor, it has absorbed the luxury of the aristocrats back then. However, at the same time if features the spirit of innovation reflecting the revolution of technological progress. So the design combines seemingly things that are far apart: a crystal carved chandelier with a large avant-garde panel on the wall, mirrors and gilded figurines.

art deco bedroom beige ideas 2023 design style decoration what furniture to choose

The Art Deco interior design is dominated by beige, dark chocolate and burgundy colors. However, the choice of shades in the room depends on you. As far as the bedroom is concerned, the beige chocolate range will suit both the particularities of the style and the traditions of bedroom design in soothing colors. If you want to create some contrast, you can use pink, blue, purple or even green. It should be noted that in order to maintain the style, it is necessary to create quite bright contrasts. Cushions, bedspreads, table lamps or other decorative items in deep and rich shades would look perfectly appropriate.

Art Deco kitchen

art deco styled kitchen forest green color gold decorations

The Art Deco style allows you to bring specific notes into the kitchen and thus convey a special charm and noble look to the kitchen. The atmosphere in this room should be in full accordance with the details. The walls can be covered with vinyl wallpaper and gypsum boards. The main thing is to maintain an appropriate combination of colors which successfully connect them with decorative elements.

art deco kitchen style navy blue modern interior design 2023

Art deco kitchens and dining is the best option for creative people who want to surprise others and create an incredibly stylish space around them. For the ceiling, you can use a multi-level design, equipped with additional lighting and unusual color. If you find an old-fashioned chandelier, it will look great, most importantly the compatibility with the general elements of style. If you want to do your bathroom in the same Art Deco style, you can find some inspiration here.

Other ideas for Art Deco interior design

art deco style with forest green shade and gold decoration modernistic view

Kitchen in Art Deco style 

art deco kitchen style with turqoise chairs very luxurious ideas

How to do your bedroom in Art Deco? 

bedroom bench art deco white and beige green shades mirrors luxury chic

Modern view on Art Deco style for your living room 

 spacious living room interior design ideas blue couch very chic and luxury

Chic kitchen interior design idea 

electric blue kitchen paint art deco ideas 2023 make over interesting designs

You need a makeover for your bedroom? Try this design!

how to do my bedroom in 2023 art deco ideas designs

Specious living room: Farm house Art Deco

farm house art deco interior designs ideas 2023

How to decorate your living room space?

art deco interior design trends green electric style living room

Luxurious interior design 

living room in art deco style decoration and furniture ideas 2023 chic elegant and luxurious

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