What is the hottest 2023 hairstyle? Jenna Ortega’s “chopped bob” will be on everyone’s mind

by Kremy

New year, new me! There’s nothing like a quick trip to the hairdresser to start 2023 in style! But, are you aware of the hair style that will be a sensation for the next 12 months and which is already gaining followers among trendy girls? Today’s spotlight is on the hottest 2023 hairstyle that promises to energize your head and keep you on top of the hair trends. Have you heard of “chopped bob”? No? So now is the perfect time to introduce you to the hairstyle that is currently emerging as the most requested style in salons. And it is in particular Jenna Ortega (the star of the Wednesday series) who popularized it!

2023 Hairstyle: What exactly is a “chopped bob”?

2023 hairstyle trend Jenna Ortega bob haircut chopped bob

The French bob, Airy bob, Tucked bob or even the Laidback bob… Yes, the bob has several interpretations in order to adapt to all body types and all preferences, but also to current trends. In this context, which bob hairstyle 2023 to choose? Here is the answer! A fuzzy, tapered and very glamorous bob, the chopped bob has it all and continues to gain followers, especially since it was introduced by Jenna Ortega – the actress who plays Wednesday in the series of the same name. According to data from the Beauty Trends Report, searches for this devilishly pretty bob have increased by 550% with the approach of the new year. But, what is special about it and why choose it?

This 2023 hairstyle for women is characterized by strands cut in such a way that they overlap in order to create several layers. Certainly, this is a hairstyle that knows how to give volume to thin hair with a few strokes of the scissors. In total opposition to the traditional bob hairstyle, this modern, dynamic and very chic version promises to take the hair trends by storm in 2023. But, is it right for you? The answer below!

Who is the chopped bob for?

what hairstyle in 2023 chopped bob hair trend Jenna Ortega


Is the new 2023 hairstyle trend for me? Can I choose it with my eyes closed? Unfortunately, Jenna Ortega’s hairstyle isn’t for every girl and it’s important to be careful. The actress’ hairstylist, Dave Stanwell, explains that it’s essential to match this bob to your hair type and always aim for balance and symmetry. Before cutting, determine the desired length with your hairdresser to avoid unpleasant surprises. Be careful though, because the more layers you add (the more you cut), the shorter your hair will appear. That said, we can conclude that the chopped bob is rather reserved for mid-length and long manes. However, it flatters all textures, but it is better not to cut too short in case of manes that tend to curl.

How to wear THE 2023 hairstyle for women? Dave Stanwell recommends the credo “less is more”! Let your freshly cut hair air-dry and give it the finishing touch by styling the strands framing your face. A light blow-dry on low heat is also an option. In any case, make sure you use a heat-protective product and nourishing care products.

What color will highlight THE 2023 bob hairstyle?

2023 hairstyle chopped bob platinum blond hair color trend 2023

Although natural is always in vogue, some girls prefer to change their hair color to jazz up their manes and keep up with the times. To make the most of current hair trends, why not choose a new color to better enhance the chopped bob? But, which one to go for? Hair color trend 2023 comes in a few shades to die for – from the most basic to the most daring! We’re talking caramel, chocolate, overly intense black, fiery red, platinum blonde, golden blonde and so on.

Is the chopped bob a 2023 hairstyle for a 50-year-old woman?

what is the haircut to look younger in 2023 women 50 years chopped bob

What is the haircut that will make you look younger in 2023? Certainly, the chopped bob that seduces women of all ages! Given that professional hairdressers advise 50 year olds to wear their hair short or mid-length and choose hairstyles that create volume and movement, the bob of the year is probably a very good idea!

2023 hairstyle trend chopped bob

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