Short nails ideas: What are the trendiest nail designs in 2023?

by Gabby

Some women always prefer short nails. With them, it is definitely easier to work, to do domestic duty or even to maintain them does not require much effort. If you are one of the XS nails lovers, then you will be happy to hear that they are back in fashion. Many of our favorite stars, like Rosalie and Kim Kardashian prefer them. They have swapped their stiletto nails for more discreet nails. So, are you convinced that you must try them yet? Still hesitant? Nails, even the shortest ones, can be dressed in trendy rhinestones and varnish colors. Let’s have a look at some of my favorite short nails ideas!

Short nails ideas: What are the trendiest nail designs in 2023?

short nails trends what manicure to do nail ideas art design shape 2023

Where exactly is this new short nails addiction coming from? Unsurprisingly, the role of social networks is decisive. Nails are among the most searched categories on Instagram. Which isn’t surprising, because it’s all pretty visual, especially in the accounts of our favorite starlets. For several years now, the stars have been addicted to extravagant nail art. Top of our list? Kim Kardashian, of course. You can opt for something simple or go all out! Having short nails does not mean that you can’t get the nail design that you want. This is so in the past! You can get any nail art that you want and still look absolutely trendy! Let’s dive into our favorite designs at the moment!

black and white nails ideas art design asymmetrical trendy 2023


What color looks best on short nails?

If you’re wondering which color looks best on short nails, it’s the milky pink nails shade. Classic and elegant nails are an ideal option for women looking to flaunt a chic and refined look. So, if you are a fan of simplicity and elegance, you will be delighted to discover that pastel colors will be very trendy in 2023. Whether it is pale pink, sky blue or mint green, these soft and discreet are perfect for adding a touch of freshness and sophistication to your look. Moreover, you can opt for an opaque varnish or choose a more transparent finish.

milky pink short nails manicure design ideas trends 2023

Cobalt blue nails

cobalt blue nails trends 2023 short shape design color art

I know it’s still winter and maybe many of you are still on the winter wave, however, I can’t help but show you what the spring 2023 trends will be. One of the trendiest colors will be the cobalt blue. You will see it a lot on the catwalks and, as you probably already know, in the nail art as well. It is certainly a bold color that not everyone will dare to ware, however if you want to try something new in 2023, this must be it! It will highlight your skin tone in the most perfect way and it will give your short nails a whole new look. The blue nails have become a huge trend on TikTok, as a challenge when girls started asking their boyfriends “In what colors should I do my nails?”. The answer was always blue!

Pink chrome nails

pink chrome nails ideas for 2023 how to do my manicure next short shape art design

Did you think I was not going to mention the 2022 top hit – the chrome nails? It is impossible, since they are continuing to thrive as one of the most picked nail design in 2023. We will continue to see them a lot. They are absolutely stunning and will give you a chance to experiment with color. You can opt for something wearable like white chrome nails, or be bold in 2023 and try them in pink. Pink chrome is very suitable if you have short nails. It will not make them look shorter, but you have to have a round shape. It certainly won’t look the same on square nails. If you want to draw some inspiration, check out more chrome nails ideas.

Nail art ideas for short nails

nail art ideas for short nails manicure design blue and gold foil matte

If you don’t want simple short nails, you can always find some inspiration to do a trendy nail art. When it comes to short nails, we don’t usually aim for something with a lot of decoration because there just isn’t much room for the nail artist to paint. But you can go for something with asymmetrical shapes or you can decorate with gold foil. It always stays in fashion and you’ll guarantee that your nails won’t go unnoticed.

French manicure

french manicure with black tips short nails ideas art design 2023

How to do your nails if they are short? I can only tell you that French manicure is always a good idea. If you want something more stylish in 2023, the new hit is to do your French tips in black. And if you put some shimmer in it, you will have the perfect nail design!

Other short nails ideas

short nails daisy decorations how to do my manicure in 2023

Cow decoration for short nails 

cow decoration short nails ideas manicure shape colors black and white

Pink short nails 

pink short nails 2023 ideas colors nail art design simple elegant

Pastel purple short nails 

pastel purple short nails idea 2023 design art shape

Nail art for short nails 

nail art for short nails squares ideas how to do my manicure

Green and white nail design 

green and white nail design art manicure ideas for 2023

Monochrome purple french manicure 

how to do my nails in 2023 monochrome purple french manicure

Blue nail design 

cobalt blue nail design for short nails in 2023 simple elegant very easy to do

Blue French manicure 

blue french tip manicure for 2023 how to do my nails tips and ideas

Flowers nails design 

flowers nails design art acrylic gel nail polish easy simple ideas

Black nail art 

black nail art ideas simple and easy to do manicure for 2023

Blue butterflies nail art

short nails ideas nail art and deisgn tips manicure 2023 blue and pink butterfly

Forest green nails 

forest green nails ideas art design simple color trendy 2023

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