Trendy medium length hairstyles 2023: Top 9 most fascinating and unique haircuts

by Kremy

If it’s been too long since your last hair change, chances are you’re ready for something new. However, sometimes it’s hard to see the potential of your medium length hair when you already find it boring. Looking at magazines can be helpful, but sometimes there is no advice for your specific hair type. Luckily, there’s a whole lot you can do to refresh your hair. Whether it is waves and highlights, a straight, shoulder-length hairstyle or a shaggy layered cut – there is definitely something for you. Before you go to the hairdresser, you should check out these 9 trendy medium length hairstyles 2023 for inspiration.

Trendy medium length hairstyles 2023

The hot trendy hairstyles for medium length hair

In 2023 medium length hair will be very popular. We see a lot of mid-length haircuts that show off texture and waves, which not only makes this cut look gorgeous but is also easy to style and maintain.

The octopus haircut is all the rage

The octopus haircut Trendy medium length hairstyles 2023


Like an octopus with tentacles, this haircut is rounded and full at the top, then flares out at the bottom. It is the fancier cousin of the shag hairstyle and can have a lot more dimension with wispy layers and bangs.

Kaia Gerber also loves the octopus haircut! The American supermodel actually managed to create a delicate version. Her styling is based on sure curves, with very harmonious layers for a less conspicuous look of the hairstyle inspired by the shape of an octopus.

Trendy medium length hairstyles 2023: shaved haircuts

Shaved medium length hairstyles are trendy 2023

In the 2023-24 fashion season, shaved haircuts for hair of medium length will be very diverse, so every woman will be able to find an option for herself.

Such medium length hairstyles will undoubtedly remain a long lasting favorite as they make the overall look more interesting and extraordinary.

Copper red shoulder length hair

Copper red medium length hair is a modern option for season 2023

If your hair is difficult to manage, try a layered mid-length haircut. Layered medium length hairstyles are a great choice to tame thick hair, add more styling options, add thickness to thin hair, or just to control over-long hair.

Shaggy bob with curtain bangs

Shaggy bob with curtain bangs for a modern look

The bob with shaggy layers is a chic hairstyle that would look stunning in any environment. It has a touch of grunge and is effortlessly cool!

Medium length curly hairstyle

Curly trendy hairstyle for medium length hair

Wearing a medium length curly hairstyle can be a bit of a challenge. However, keep in mind that this type of hairstyle takes a longer time to style than the others. Every time you style it with heat, you must use a heat protectant. Always moisturize your hair and wash it very well.

Trendy medium length hairstyles 2023: the shullet

The fashionable shullet is a combination of mullet and shag

A big trend for 2023 is that people are starting to mix and match different haircuts, for example, the front part of one haircut with the back part of another. We will see many styles from the 70’s and 90’s that combine the best of both eras. This is how the shag and mullet become the shullet. It is a versatile haircut that works well with all hair textures when customized to the bone structure of the wearer. It’s great for people with thinner hair as it adds volume and movement. An added bonus is that because this hairstyle calls for texture, the wash-and-go principle is the way to go when it comes to styling.

Classic bob hairstyle for medium length hair

The medium length bob is chic and very popular

The medium length bob is very versatile and can be worn with all hair lengths. The main feature is that the front is longer than the back. The medium length bob is very popular and preferred by women.

It’s one of the most timeless options we have today and is perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice length. With medium length hair, it looks striking, and that is why women with this hair length often do not give up this cut and wear it for years.

The C shape haircut

Trendy medium length hairstyles 2023 The C Shape Haircut

This hairstyle will also be very popular. In short, it’s a softer U-shape due to the length and the layers and the face-framing sections. It’s an evolution of the heavy ’70s and ’90s haircuts we’ve been seeing everywhere in 2022. The result is a rounded, balanced haircut that’s still fun and easy to style, but the hair has wavier, rounded shapes and curves. It also makes it look thicker. As for styling, the soft, rounded curves look great when styled or left to dry naturally.

Be elegant with cascading layers

The classic cascade haircut is currently very modern

The special feature of this layered haircut is that the length of the strand is reduced from the bottom to the top of the hair. The most fascinating thing is that each strand is cut individually, which is noticeable without the use of styling products.

This classic medium length hairstyle is all the rage and if you like hair with more volume you should definitely give it a try.




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