Bathroom ideas 2023: Color trends and ideas for decorating bathroom spaces!

by Anjelina

The bathroom is the place where our day begins and ends. It is where we take care of our appearance, often forgetting about our problems while taking a relaxing shower! That’s why each of us strives for well-thought-out design solutions that combine functionality and charm. It is very important to create a harmonious space in the bathroom, that’s why we have prepared amazing bathroom ideas 2023! You can take into account the current design trends, but we also advise you to rely on your own preferences and taste!

Bathroom ideas 2023: Color trends for bathroom spaces

pastel green soft colors bathroom design idea trend 2023

Colors very often influence our perceptions and mood. The main color of the bathroom walls can also visually create the illusion of a larger or smaller space. In general, keep in mind that light colors visually expand the space. They are a great solution, especially for smaller bathrooms. Of course, bright tones would look wonderful in larger rooms as well. Apart from them, darker colors, greens and even blacks are very trendy at the moment! Let’s now take a detailed look at the trendiest color options for bathrooms in 2023 to inspire you to choose the right one for you!

Black and white

black and white bathroom frames artwork on walls black accents


The combination of contrasting colors, black and white, is a classic one and is currently still fashionable. Usually black is used for some of the furniture and accessories, and in some cases for the floor. This way, you can avoid some heaviness in the design by using black just for accent. White is the most often used for walls, ceilings and furniture surfaces as it gives more light to the room and visually expands its size, so feel free to use it in the interior. There are also many tiles on the market with interesting black and white patterns to choose from. The varied combination of these colors on the floor will give a pleasant atmosphere to the room.

Shades of green

green bathroom idea subway tiles terra cotta sink

The green color, which is associated with nature and at the same time has an extremely calming and energizing effect on people, will be very fashionable for bathrooms in 2023. For small rooms, experts recommend a lighter palette. Yellow, white and beige accessories are extremely suitable for green bathrooms.

Soft earth tones

bathroom ideas 2023 warm earthy tones brown creamy colors

Warm, soft colors reminiscent of earthy tones such as cream, brown and caramel are very trendy for bathrooms in 2023. These shades create exceptional coziness and bring us back to nature. They can also be combined with each other to create even more interesting and modern designs.

Gray color

modern gray bathroom design idea white furniture waterproof

Gray will be one of the leading colors for bathrooms in 2023. According to psychology experts, gray bathroom design has a calming effect, and it also creates the least strain for the visual organs. Bathroom in gray range allows combining with almost all shades, pastel and bright, and it also makes it easy to put accents.

Ideas on how to create a stylish interior for your bathroom

bathroom trends 2023 green predominating color for bathrooms

Apart from the main colors you’ll choose for walls, ceiling and floor, you’ll also need to consider a bunch of other things in your bathroom to make it look like a finished and pleasant place. From the selection of waterproof furniture to decorations and flowers, everything should be tastefully chosen and most importantly make you feel at home! That’s why, in the following lines, we’ll help you with some ideas to add extra charm to the room!

Choosing furniture

contemporary trends in bathroom design blue tones white tiles metallic effects

When choosing bathroom furniture, don’t just be guided by the way the pieces looks, but also make sure you purchase quality furniture with high moisture-resistance. Bathroom wall cabinets are extremely handy, where you can store various hygiene items or even household cleaners. Also, don’t underestimate the role of mirrors, which optically enlarge the space (and will certainly be useful to you).
If you have a larger bathroom, you might also consider installing a bathtub. There are many models on the market, and you’re sure to find the right one to suit your style.

Decorating and flowers

bathroom decor artwork orchids curtains creamy colors

There are plenty of ways to add extra charm and comfort to your bathroom. Starting from beautiful wallpapers with floral or other natural accents instead of tiles or paint. Or, if you’re not a fan of that, you can simply hang a few stylish framed images. Some people even make an entire gallery in a corner of the bathroom. This way you create an accent and focal point.

Another very important element of bathroom decor are flowers. The possibilities here are also extremely many. You can choose a stylish vase in which to put beautiful dried flowers, selected in colors that suit the interior. But for the true botany lovers, you can try growing real flowers in your bathroom. There’s nothing more beautiful than a bit of nature in your home! Some suitable plants for the bathroom are orchid, bamboo, philodendron, aloe vera, succulents, croton, spider plant, ferns, snake plant, peace lilies, gardenia and pothos.

Bathroom ideas 2023 – Photo Gallery

cute bathroom idea patterns wiles gray white terra cotta

Green and gold bathroom idea

green and gold bathroom idea cozy white bathtub wooden elements mirror

Cute small bathroom design

small bathroom design cute bright colors

Sophisticated retro vibes 

wallpaper art in a bathroom retro vibes bathtub marbel sink

Luxurious bathroom idea

bathroom ideas 2023 luxurious bathroom design idea metal bathtub copper

Gray and wood combination

gray and wood bathroom large mirror and cupboard

Nature-inspired decor

bathroom ideas 2023 nature-inspired bathroom decor ideas wood bricks bathtubs

Modern bathroom design

modern and chic bathroom design idea wooden cupboards white tiles

Black and white classics

bathroom ideas 2023 black and white bathroom idea white furniture black walls

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