What are the carpet trends 2023? Find out with 10 designs that will add class and style to any room!

by Kristiyana

Interested to find out which are the newest carpet trends for 2023? Carpets are one of the most important elements when it comes to decorating your home. Updating your carpet is an easy way to modernize and freshen up a room without a massive renovation project. In this article, we’ll share some of the leading trends in carpets that will be popular throughout 2023. From bold colours, to natural textures, these trends can show you how to bring a sense of style and sophistication to any room. Here are the top 10 designs that will add class and style to your home this 2023!

Carpet trends 2023: Earthly tones

carpets in earthly tones_what kind of carpet is popular now

The first of the carpet trends that we will be seeing a lot this 2023 is about incorporating such in earthly tones. Carpets in grey and beige are ever so popular, and to these colours we are adding rich terracotta tones and ochre shades. Shades of clay are also an optimal choice here. These colours will add warmth and comfort to your home, making you feel grounded and secured.

Focus on natural materials

trends in carpets_carpets from natural materials


Carpets designed from natural materials have been getting a lot of attention lately. Designs from materials like sisal, seagrass, and jute are not only hard-wearing, but will create a natural softness to place your feet upon. A carpet like this one will add subtle style to your home, and make you feel more close to nature. Just keep in mind, that these carpets can easily be stained, as even a simple watermark can leave a trace.

Carpet trends 2023: Bold colours

carpets in bold colours_red carpets

For interior design in 2023, we are seeing a shift towards colours inspired from nature and bold tones. Already mentioning the natural tones, now we shift to carpets in vibrant and eye-catching hues. If you are worried about trying out a bold shade, just make sure that you go with a colour that complements the tones on the walls and the rest of the interior. This will ensure that you create a cohesive look for your home.

A rise in textured designs

textured carpets_carpet trends 2023

What about adding some soft texture to your living room? If you are into more neutral designs, then choosing a textured carpet like this one will be a great and stylish option. Decide on a thick and soft carpet that will add interest to the room. Complement it with other comfy textures like throw blankets and pillows. For a finishing touch, add hard materials that pop between the smooth textures.

Carpet trends 2023: Stripes

striped carpet_carpet stripes

I can certainly say, that stripes aren’t going anywhere this 2023. Striped carpets are a favourite choice for many homeowners. They create structure in a room, and you can pick from a variety of different tones and shades. Stripes are especially popular in stairs carpeting, as they add interest and style to a part of your home that is usually overlooked. So for 2023, stripe up your home!

Dark and dramatic carpeting

is carpet coming back in style in 2023_dark carpets

What about adding some intrigue and mystery to your home? Opt for a dark-coloured carpet! If you have a room in your house or flat that has darker tones for its base, then adding a dark carpet will make it even more trendy. And even if you don’t, this kind of carpeting can also look good in a room with a neutral base. Just add some dark accents to complement it, like a tall back vase or pillows in darker tones.

Carpet trends 2023: Color block

color blocking carpet_carpet trends 2023

Colour-blocking is a super cool way to add some fun and energy to a room! It comes in many different forms, so you can decide on the style that suits your personal tastes best. For some, doing this with their walls is too much, but a colour-blocking carpet is a more subtle way of keeping up with the latest trends in interior design. When it comes to choosing the colours for your carpet, stick to pastels and be sure that you will achieve a cute and fresh look for any room.

Latest animal print designs

animal print carpet_carpet trends 2023

Animal prints for carpets this year? You bet! The carpet trends for 2023 see a rise of interest to these playful and eye-catching designs. I mean, I understand that this carpeting style might not be for everyone. But, you don’t need to go with an over-the-top print! Decide on a more subtle one like the design in the picture. Plus, this carpet is perfect for hiding unwanted stains.

Carpet trends 2023: Multicolour

multicolour carpeting_colourful carpets

We already talked about the shift towards bolder carpet colours, but what about using more than one? Instead of deciding on a new flooring, why not first pick out a carpet in a small colour palette and decorate the rest of the room from there on? Use the selected hues as a base for the whole space, by deciding on furniture and accessories in the same tones. This will create a unique and outstanding style for any room.

Chequerboard carpeting

checkerboard carpet_ latest carpet trends

Remind you of Alice in Wonderland, anyone? Chequerboard patterns have also been trending a lot lately in interior design. This trend is creating spectacular carpet designs, that will add an original touch to any home. A chequerboard carpet will give you a great base from which you can go with either decorating in a minimalist or maximalist design. You choose! A great way to experiment with different colours and tones.

Carpeting trends for 2023 are diverse but have one thing in common – they are all about bringing texture, modernity, and color into interior spaces to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. From vibrant and bold designs to subtle and comfy naturals, this year promises to bring a wide range of new floor covering options that will suit any taste or style preference. And if you are thinking about complementing one of these carpets with a trendy 2023 wallpaper, make your choice easier by checking out our top 10 picks. Enjoy and good luck!

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