Wallpaper trends 2023: The 10 wallpaper designs that you should look out for in 2023!

by Kristiyana

This year is coming to an end, and some of us can’t help but wonder what will be in store for 2023 trends? More specifically, which wallpaper will be the top hit trend of the new year? It’s normal for a person to always want to be in style and keep up with the latest shifts in trends, especially if you are thinking about redecorating your home interior. A lot of research has been done on the topic, and according to design experts wallpapers in 2023 will be focused on implementing bold and nature-inspired patterns, as opposed to bland and minimalistic ones. There will be a shift towards warmer tones and exotic colours.  So if you would like to find out more on the topic, keep on reading to discover which will be the 10 wallpaper trends 2023 that everyone should look out for!

Redend Point wallpaper trend 2023

redend point wallpaper_redend point 2023

To start off on the topic of wallpaper trends 2023, let’s first mention one of the colours that we will probably see trending in interior design in the year to come. Redent Point is a colour that the famous paint brand Sherwin Williams has dubbed as their colour of the year for 2023. This colour can easily be incorporated into a room as a wallpaper design, as the picture above displays. According to the brand, this earthly tone is a minimal, yet cosy colour that creates comfort in the space where it is integrated.

Colourful maximalist walls trend

wallpapers 2023_maximalist wallpapers


We are currently living in a fast-paced world, where a lot of things go unnoticed. But we certainly can’t say that bold and intricate, colourful designs of this kind don’t catch our eye! Warm maximalist wallpapers have been trending a lot during this past year, and there are no signs that the interest in them is decreasing. These vibrant patterns offer you with the chance to rapidly transform any room into a bright and beautiful space where you can enjoy their shapes and hues.

Ocean dive inspired wallpapers

waves wallpaper_trendy wallpapers

As we already mentioned, there has been a rising interest in nature-inspired wallpapers, and this will likely continue in 2023. Hence, it is no surprise that walls featuring different bodies of water like waves, oceans, drops, etc. have been the choice of many homeowners. It is a wide-known psychological fact, that sights of water tend to calm us down and make us feel more safe. So why wouldn’t you get wave-inspired walls for your bedroom or living room?

Wallpaper trends 2023: Stripes

stripes wallpaper_trendy wallpapers

According to experts, stripes seem to be making a comeback in interior design. So we will likely see more of them as wallpaper trends in 2023. Stripes are a simple, yet classy pattern that can catch the eye, but at the same time remain subtle. You can add striped wallpapers to a room to make it look more modern. Designers say, that it doesn’t matter all that much how thinly, or widely they are placed, but just that you incorporate striped wallpaper into your home for a touch of style.

Tropical prints on walls trend

tropical wallpaper_tiger tropical wallpaper

Continuing on with the nature-inspired walls trend, now we look at tropical prints! Having walls featuring a tropical print will make you feel like you have transported to a wild rainforest, or you are on a safari. Tropical prints featuring animals have been especially popular among many. If you are not sure how you can bring this design to a living room, start small by having it for your bathroom walls to make an impact in an otherwise small room.

Textured walls as a 2023 trend

textured wallpaper_wallpaper trends

You want to hear more about the expected wallpaper trends 2023? Alright! Up next, we have a trend focused on textured walls. Designers say that for 2023 we will be seeing a lot of walls, featuring natural fibres such as hessian wallpaper, grass, cloth, etc. Textured walls will be a fun way to experiment with various materials to give life to a place and also add depth.

Moody florals wallpaper trend

moody florals_wallpaper trends 2023

Oh, I just love a creative floral motif for my living room walls! And I don’t think I am the only one! Floral wallpapers have been trending a lot this past year, and it seems that this fabulous trend will continue in 2023 as well. What’s more, a lot of attention has been given to Moody Florals. This daring and bold wallpaper will create a dramatic effect in a room and elevate its tone.

Gradient walls as a 2023 trend

gradient wallpaper_wallpaper trends 2023

For those of you who are into muted or more abstract designs, we have the gradient wallpaper 2023 trend! This, usually minimal design, can create an intrigue texture for your walls and enhances the dimensions of the room. The gradient wallpaper can also be used to add subtle detail to a place. They are best displayed on large plain walls, or even ceilings.

Wallpaper trends 2023: Murals

mural wallpapers_wallpaper trends 2023

Recently, there have been a lot of talks over mural wallpapers. It seems that murals are a very popular choice among many homeowners. Can’t say that I am surprised, as who wouldn’t want to have an Italian countryside or deep green forest painted on their living room wall? Due to its huge popularity, the mural wallpaper trend will likely be a part of those for 2023 as well. So decide on a favourite scenery and get it for your walls!

Chinoiserie wallpaper trend

wallpaper trends 2023_chinoiserie wallpaper

We have saved the best for last! Please welcome Chinoiserie designs as one of the wallpaper trends for 2023! According to a lot of interior design experts, this wallpaper will assumably be one of the major trends in the year to come. The chinoiserie design offers to add elegance to any room, and it is a classic that will withstand time. Furthermore, you should definitely incorporate this wallpaper in your home if you want to add beauty and sophistication to your place.

Weren’t each of those wallpapers amazing?! I am certainly satisfied with these unique and stylish choices. Psst, and if you also didn’t hear, I know which will be the top 6 bedroom color trends for 2023 if you want to get your hands on those as well! Enjoy!

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