13 creative ideas for living room wall decorating with floral motifs

by Kremy

living room wall decorating colorful mix

Check out these beautiful ideas for living room wall decorating that would bring spring mood with fabulous floral motifs. Regardless of whether you use paintings, wallpapers, wall stickers as a decoration, the flowers are always an appropriate topic for an exciting atmosphere in the living room.

living room wall decorating purple theme


The ideas for living room wall decorating that will bring a happy spring mood, are definitely those with floral motifs. If you want to put your favorite flower as a wall decoration, you should consider a few things first. If your living room is already furnished and you want to change the wall decor later, it is always better if you choose the flowers according to the theme color in the living room. Tune in all shades of color to achieve a perfect harmony in the interior.

living room wall decorating Dandelion

For the successful deployment of your living room, it is particularly important to match the living room wall decoration with the interior. Here it is not just about color, but also about design. You can set up the wall decoration in the living room in the form of paintings, wallpaper, decals, wall decor with toilet paper rolls, if you wish or other interesting types of wall decoration. The choice depends primarily on the decorating style in your living room. The interior can be creative and unique with a modern wall sticker, or rather romantic with huge floral paintings. Match the wall decor with your taste and invite Spring in the living room with fabulous floral motifs.

living room wall decorating ideas tulips painting

 room wall decorating ideas orchid white

 wall decorating ideas neutral colors

wall decorating ideas bamboo tree

wall decorating ideas tree theme

 design ideas floral wall decoration

 wall decoration ideas yellow color accents

purple wall sticker

living room decoration ideas flowers wallpaper

 wall decorating pink orchid




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