Beautiful Easter & Spring decorating ideas – flower arrangements

by Kremy

DIY Flower arrangements Easter Ideas

We offer fast and wonderful Spring decorating ideas with flowers. Each idea needs simple materials and is budget friendly and will certainly refresh your interior and garden. You can customize these ideas as a decoration for a family celebration,a spring engagement and a wedding decoration for a romantic dinner for two or even for the kids birthday party. The fresh colors and interesting ideas will certainly contribute to a cozy ambience.

DIY flower arrangements – Spring decorating ideas

 Instructions Easter Flower Table Decor


 For this beautiful Easter and Spring decorating ideas with flowers you will need the following materials:

Adhesive tape for flowers,
Garden shears,
Glass vase / 10cm high and 20 cm wide /,
5 small lemons,
2 sheets of aspidistra / or banana leaves /
5 Hyacinths
3 Waxflower / limonium /
3 Aster / chrysanthemums /
6 Tulips / Roses /

Spring decorating ideas – flower arrangement with lemons

Flower spring decor ideas Wedding flower decoration

Flower arranging – a simple idea to follow

Spring Easter decoration table flowers

Instructions for beautiful DIY Spring decorating ideas for the table. First you need to stick  with tape the separate elements /see photos above/, then cut out the flowers to match. Arrange the flowers and lemons as shown in the photos – beware also of the fact that the flowers are at different heights, so that the bouquet has more volume. You can use it to decorate the table on the balcony or in the house, and create a happy mood.

Beautiful Spring decoration with peonies and candle holders

Flower decor wedding design idea


Materials – opaque candle holder, spring flowers and floral foam

Instructions DIY Easter flower arrangements

Instructions – simple spring decoration with fresh flowers

 Flower Spring Decorating Ideas

The next idea, for flower arrangements and beautiful Easter – Spring decoration you can do it yourself because it is super simple, but very effective. You need some candle holders, flowers and the special floral foam which is found in any floral shop. What you need to make sure is that the candle holders are not transparent. Cut the foam into pieces and fill the candle holder and insert the flowers. Our tip – prepare this decoration maximum one day before the family celebration.

Spring decoration – DIY flower arrangements

DIY Spring decorating Ideas Easter table flower arrangements

Step 1 – Bind twine around a metal box

DIY Spring decorating ideas table decoration craft manual Easter step1

Step 2 – make a loop from the string

Easter table Flower crafts Step 2

Step 3 – glue the decoration made ​​from the string

Easter decoration creative craft ideas Step 3

 Step 4 – stick the loop on a piece of wood

Spring decorating ideas Wedding DIY Step 4

Step 5 – Fill metal boxes with floral foam

Flower spring balcony decor DIY arrange step 5

Step 6 – Insert flowers in a creative design with the twine into the foam

Flower arrangements DIY

 Step 7 – Add moss

DIY Table decoration Easter Spring Flower Arrangements



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