Garden pool or indoor pool – 105 pictures of swimming pools

by Kremy

Wooden deck swimming pond Garden design

The garden pool is something to enjoy and cool in the hot days. The indoor swimming pool can successfully replace the gym. We have a rich collection of 105 ideas and designs prepared for you that will give you an overview of the options.

An article overview
1. Spectacular modern pools
2. Traditional designs
3. Swimming pond
4. Pool house
5. Lighting

The garden pool – spectacular modern swimming pools

House deck infinity pool jacuzzi holiday home Switzerland


People who want to build a garden pool, often face with the challenge to find the right form and construction. In the market, numerous materials for pool construction will be offered. But which models are suitable for which garden? The first important question that needs to be clarified is whether the swimming pool is sunk or is free standing. Freestanding models are often made ​​of plastic – they need a flat surface and are suitable for both outdoor as well as indoor use. They are perfect for a small garden or courtyard. Steel pools are another popular choice – but they need a good coverage during the winter months, so they do not rust. They are perfect for a small garden design, because they occupy less space. Concrete pools are the most durable. They are suitable for both small and large gardens.  It is recommended, to hire a company for the maintenance so that you can prepare in time for the season. Modern pools come in different forms, but are always a beautiful addition to the house and can even increase the value of the land.

Dream houses with pools

Swimming pool wooden deck dream home

Holiday house with pool

concrete infinity pool forest house

Swimming pool with a view

long Pool small patio Area floating deck


Patio pool

garden pool wooden deck natural stone facade

Narrow pool and modern garden shed

modern garden pool stone path wooden deck

Semi-round shape

Fiberglass swimming pools modern shape wooden deck

Modern design with glass construction

glass pool small garden

Breathtaking views

Pool concrete and glass dream house

Villa in Italy with swimming pool

Pool holiday home spectacular luxury destinations Italy

Spectacular design made of of glass

Pool construction spectacular glass murals

Pool construction pays off – the investment increases the house value

Wooden deck pool modern house construction

 Dream house with a long swimming pool

Dream summer pool pictures long

An original design

Hotel relax pool green blue colors

 Hotel swimming pool

Holiday pool colored mosaic original form

Exotic villa with two pools

house design garden two fiberglass pools

House with pool in the mountains

Mountain Pool Switzerland Alps holiday

Outdoor pool

Holiday house pool rooftop hot mineral water

Holiday house in Greece

Santorini Greece pool cave and white walls

Spectacular design

Holiday house round pool sea view Maldives

Villa in South Africa

Holiday house pool half round shape

Apartment with balcony and swimming pool

Exotic House Villa Pool round shape palm

Exotic hotel

Holiday house Maldives pool green tiles

Free standing swimming design

Concrete swimming pools minimalist design

Villa in Santorini, Greece

Holiday house Greece pool

Two swimming pools

two pools holiday house beautiful view

A view from the bathroom

Bathroom view Concrete Pool

Table and waterfall in a design

Waterfall table pool

A modern idea with a waterfall

garden pool individual shape water feature

 One-storey house with swimming pool in the garden

swimming pools wooden deck design idea

 Free standing design for small garden

patio pool wooden deck glass

 Concrete swimming pool in a large garden

garden pool lawn

Concrete pool in the garden

narrow pool modern house building design

 Wooden deck and pool

infinity pool Summer Vacation house

 Garden pools – traditional designs

 Pool Water Game Stones Garden Design Ideas

The traditional garden pool is often with a stone wall and has a rustic and natural appearance. Often there are combinations between a waterfall and a swimming pool. As a decorative element, ceramic vessels are provided. Great emphasis is placed on the right garden design. Flowers and shrubs surrounding the pool, which has an irregular shape and a pond is also quite often seen.

 Swimming pools with beautiful views

Fiberglass swimming pools design ideas forest house

Garden house with pool

Garden House Pool natural stone facade mosaic tiles

English-style garden

Garden design small swimming pool country style

Natural stone decorations

Garden design ideas stone path water feature pool

Stone tiles in the swimming pool

infinity pool stone wall garden design

 Jacuzzi and swimming pool

Water Fountains jacuzzi Garden pool design

Patio with blue mosaic tiles

traditional house construction garden pool terraces steps

 Waterfall in the garden

Swimming pool Waterfall natural stones deck

 Beautiful garden pool

Swimming pool Stone Pebble Garden design

 River stones for decoration

garden pool stone edge shrubs stone tiles

Country house with swimming pool

garden swimming pool lawn country house

Pool in country style

garden Pool stone old Roman style

Relaxation by the pool

Ruins swimming pool Hammock

 Summer flowers in the garden

romantic country house sea sun pool Lilac

 Modern and traditional combined in design

freestanding garden pool garden path

Swimming pool with waterfall

Artificial Waterfall Garden Pool lawn

 Small pool in the garden

kids swimming pool natural stone tiles small garden

 Swimming pool and TV

Home Theater Pool TV cool idea garden design

House with large patio

House traditional garden design


Swimming pond English garden natural cleaning plants

In contrast to the normal pool, the swimming pond in the garden is an environmentally friendly alternative. The swimming pool consists of two parts – one is the pool, and in the other one, water plants are kept, which clean the water in a natural way. Anyone who owns a swimming pond, can do without chemicals and detergents.

 Swimming pond in an English style garden

Swimming pond algae environmentally friendly

Swimming pond eco friendly

Swimming pond great garden summer sun

Garden swimming pool and fireplace


modern swimming pool

wooden Garden furniture pool design


indoor Pool natural stone wall pillar design

The indoor pool has the great advantage that you can use it all year long. Whether in the basement or on the ground floor, even in living room – the possibilities are practically endless. Large windows and glass walls create the optical illusion that the pool is outdoors.

Luxury large indoor pool lighting design ideas

indoor swimming pool mosaic lighting wall mirrors

small free standing indoor pool basement

indoor pool original idea form

Mosaic Tiles indoor pool chic design

long luxury pool house cellar stone wall

Modern indoor Pool Design

Luxury bachelor apartment swimming pool led lights

large indoor pool hotel mosaic tiles green


Glass house pool garden furniture


dream house indoor pool inside outside

Glass-house-pool-design Ideas windows

Luxury house design indoor-swimming-pool-basement









LED-swimming-pool-light-purple blue

The right lighting will make every pool look spectacular. You may experiment with colors and accents. LED lights and solar lights are particularly suitable for the garden. Even if you have a pool at home, you can opt for built-in ceiling lights.


small garden pool LED light chain purple blue


Penthouse freestanding pool green lighting glass wall


blue purple swimming pool lighting roof balcony

traditional-pool-lights-garden shed



Solar-lights-modern-pool-house-minimalist architecture



Fiberglass swimming pools Lighting Ideas


patio deck Lighting Idea-swimming-pool-patio



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