Outdoor swimming pool – 15 useful tips for garden pool and pergola

by Kremy

large pergola outdoor

If you want to place a jacuzzi, pergola and outdoor swimming pool in the garden – we will give you some tips for cheap space distribution, planning and practical design ideas.

Outdoor swimming pool and a classic pergola

modern flower pots patio ideas garden


This gazebo with a solid roof and walls made ​​of natural stone offers several possibilities for pleasant time outdoors – including a kitchen with grill, fridge and small bar, it is the perfect addition to the outdoor swimming pool.

Outdoor swimming pool with a stylish gazebo

Gazebo practical design modern garden pool

The multifunctional wooden gazebo provides room to rest, dine and read. If you often invite your friends, you can organize a buffet beside the outdoor swimming pool.

Multifunctional design ideas – pool in the garden

Guest house swimming pool

If you are building a gazebo, you can create it as a multifunctional space. It can optionally serve as a guest house all year long.

Using the available space optimally

 lounge chairs garden design


The closer the pool or the spa area to the house, the better. You can organize on the terrace different areas, and make seamless transition to the house.

Simple and multifunctional – pergola in the garden

outdoor swimming pool pergola Mediterranean design

A wooden pergola is a perfect fit for different kinds of swimming pools in the garden. The structure features a cozy sitting area and casts shadows in the summer. Optionally, you can cover the pergola with an awning.

Tropical Romance in the garden

exotic outdoor swimming pool

Build a swimming pool in the garden and surround it with plants and flowers, so that it looks like a natural pond – and you’ve created a romantic room. Do not forget the appropriate lighting  – there is a danger that you can not see in the dark into the pool when it is not located in the vicinity of the house.

Jacuzzi in the garden

hottub Garden Pergola privacy fence

An open pergola over the hot tub in the garden can be a beautiful accent. Many plants and a wooden deck compliment the overall look and create a homey atmosphere. Another option includes a wooden fence as a screen to the jacuzzi and evergreen plants as decoration. The hot tub fits perfectly in a corner in the garden where the private sector can be secured with an appropriate fence. You can install a built-in hot tub instead of a swimming pool in the garden.

Natural stone wall as a privacy screen in the garden

House exterior privacy stone wall

A high wall of natural stones will secure your privacy and noise insulation. Especially handy if the houses are close together.

Pergola with grapevine in the garden

pergola outdoor garden design ideas

Cover the way to the swimming pool with a pergola. Idea from the Mediterranean – Grapevines offers sun protection and allows the design look inviting.

Narrow design for swimming

narrow garden pool

These long, narrow swimming pools that have minimal space requirements are perfect for a small garden. If you have a garden with irregular shape, you can customize one according to customer dimensions pool. Like here – the perfect pool for the backyard.

Wooden fence for the privacy

Privacy wooden fence pergola hot-tub-design-idea

 Built-in jacuzzi

hot tub wooden deck patio ideas



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