110 patio design ideas, roof balconies and small balconies decor

by Kremy

roof terrace design lawn boxwood hedges wooden furniture

If you have a patio or balcony in your house or apartment, you must make it as an extension of the interior. We have compiled for you 110 patio design ideas, roof balconies and small balconies decor, which could help you to create a beautiful and relaxing environment. A pair of comfortable outdoor furniture and green plants would decorate your outdoor space quickly and easily.

roof terrace lawn tiles checkered pattern sun lounge pool


If you have a patio, you need creative patio design ideas and decoration ideas. Take advantage of the variety of forms on the terrace to create a visually appealing and welcoming atmosphere. Design the space so that you can use it for several months in the year and at any time of the day or night.

design ideas patio deck modern exterior chimney side table metal

patio design terracotta flooring metal pergola dining area

balcony interesting landscaping green hedge trees

small terrace lawn pieces tiles wrought iron furniture

small terrace courtyard clay pots flowers wrought iron furniture

small terrace wooden furniture glass railings

ideas terraces wooden furniture water accents

wooden deck canopy colorful garden furniture beanbag

wooden terrace deck modern coffee table flower pots moss

house patio wooden deck pool stone tiles glass sliding doors

patio design ideas floor brick pattern rattan furniture carpet

patio design ideas functional water fountain cacti fence

urban balcony built in wooden bench privacy protection

covered patio deck pool rattan garden furniture round carpet

covered terrace outside kitchen glass railing and natural stone wall

terrace stone slabs flooring exterior brick fireplace trees shade

patio rattan furniture set brown beige terracotta tiles

patio pool pergola outside fireplace and natural stone cladding

patio pool platform wood deck canopy palm tree backdrop

terrace pool house solid wood furniture pieces tree shadow

terrace low lounge furniture poster bed sea view

balcony wooden flooring railing rattan outdoor furniture

terrace exterior glass sliding doors pool inside outside

terrace design rattan sun beds Canopy

sunny balcony white wood furniture beach view

outdoor kitchen concrete sun deck dining area

 terrace pool sunny sliding door inside outside area

modern terraces pool ethnic style decoration elements

modern house white facade pool terrace glass walls

house balcony white outdoor furniture geometric shapes


small terrace concrete flooring pillow armchair clay pots

small patio terrace modern furniture wooden flooring

patio terrace corner sofa rattan gray fireplace wooden flooring

patio design ideas canopy lighting dining area

apartment renovation terrace brick wall plastic wood furniture

patio pergola wooden deck outdoor fireplace natural stone columns

patio lounge beds Mediterranean atmosphere white pillows

modern patio wooden furniture floor to ceiling glass wall fans

modern deck wooden slats flooring glass accordion doors

modern balcony dining area dining table built in fireplace

modern terrace decoration ideas mobile fireplace glass protection

patio design ideas stone tiles wooden garden fence lighting lanterns


patio design ideas house garden deck wooden canopy

patio design ideas courtyard different areas ground light

patio design ideas sitting area pure white furniture

patio design ideas rocking swing wooden pergola

patio design ideas floor fountain gravel

patio design ideas indoor use glass sliding doors

patio design ideas wooden canopy ethno pillows coffee table

patio design ideas limestone slabs gravel

patio design ideas garden stone flooring sitting area

patio design ideas roofed sun deck

patio design ideas wooden floor low outdoor furniture

modern patio design ideas sunny house outdoor furniture

garden deck wood pergola build outdoor fireplace natural stone

relaxing balcony design interior exterior white designer chair contrast

spectacular patio design ideas infinity pool built in lounge area

 rustic patio design ideas stone fireplace outdoor furniture

 patio design ideas outdoor kitchen stone fireplace oven

 patio design ideas lounge furniture firepit

 patio design ideas garden landscape deck flooring ideas

 patio design ideas balcony furniture dining furniture seating

 patio design ideas backyard landscaping outdoor pool deck

 patio design ideas adirondack chairs firepit panorama view

 modern patio design ideas modern firepit design

 contemporary patio design ideas sundeck outdoor lounge furniture

In today’s crowded cities there are fewer areas for parks and natural spaces. An excellent way out of this situation is to arrange a garden on the roof. If you have enough space you can create a real garden with paths, water feature, flower beds and transform the roof into a place for recreation. Large plants like trees and shrubs can be grown in planter boxes but there are some rules for the watering and the drainage. A rooftop garden can be an entertaining place as well. Make sure you have wind and sun protection screens and comfortable outdoor furniture. Due to the unique layout of a roof balcony, careful planning is the key to success.

urban roof balcony ground light gravel

roof balcony design ideas round wooden bench fireplace

roof terrace town house wooden furniture green

rooftop balcony modular furniture set plants bucket

roof balcony wooden canopy fireplace

roof balcony design wooden bench glass railings

roof balcony wooden flooring water wall decoration

roof balcony wooden floor flowerpot

roof balcony design gravel stones wooden deck

roof balcony forest landscape rattan furniture

roof balcony vertical garden privacy fence combination

urban roof balcony palm trees flower pots

small roof balcony high wall pool wooden floor dining table

roof balcony yellow shrubs sun area

roof balcony privacy protection lush greening

roof balcony narrow pool seat cushion

roof balcony design rattan furniture orange cushion

roof balcony pool modern coffee table

roof balcony design wooden pergola

roof balcony concrete borders shrubs

When it comes to furnishing the home, many homeowners overlook the potential of their balcony. As an outdoor area, you can meet some challenges, but check out these creative ideas. The small room should not stop to plan the balcony optimally and clever.

small balcony privacy protection metal furniture

balcony design ideas folding chairs

small balcony design seat cushion

balcony design ideas townhouse hanging chair

balcony glazed roof plants

balcony seat cushion built in bench on railing idea

balcony sitting area rattan lampshade

balcony wooden floor tiles ivy privacy protection

balcony glass railing old wooden box coffee table

balcony design wooden bench pillows carpet pink stripes

balcony decoration mediterranean wrought iron furniture

balcony decoration ideas vintage flair wallpaper

small balcony design reading corner Scandinavian small bench

large balcony plastic furniture marble floor tiles

balcony design ideas apartment flowerpots

balcony design ideas railings flower pots seats

balcony decorating design corner sofa rattan lattice

small balcony hanging chair cushion

small balcony design ideas wooden chairs

balcony design ideas wooden floor tiles


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