Flower box arrangements – summer window and balcony decor ideas

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Flower box arrangements are a magnificent decoration and we shall look at different types of flower boxes and different ideas for decorating your windows and balconies. We all know that the appearance of a home is no less important than the interior. Colorful windows look fresh, lively and beautiful and the whole house has a completely different look. Even the smallest flower box with greens or blooming flowers on the window has a big the effect and visual appeal.

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Growing flowers in a box is extremely easy, practical and enjoyable as they can be easily carried from one place to another and transforming a balcony into a paradise will only take minutes. You can move the flower boxes from the window or the balcony indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather conditions. Boxes with flowers create a pleasant atmosphere and always attract the eye and the flowers can be replanted in the garden if you wished to change the current arrangement. You can choose any theme or color and rearrange your flower box according to the season and your mood. You can enjoy violets and daffodils in spring, petunias and coleus in the autumn.

How to choose the material of the flower box?

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What can emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of your home and add to the charm and appeal of your summer decoration? One simple thing that can create this effect with the minimum of effort and investment is a bright box for flowers, which can be placed under the window or on the balcony railings.

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Wooden flower boxes are the ones that have the biggest character and charm. Such window flower boxes have been used for centuries and you can craft them by yourself as a DIY project. Moreover you will have a custom made flower box to decorate your window or balcony as it will fit the size of the window and the overall exterior. You could use salvaged wood, driftwood, reclaimed wood or pallet wood, for example, to make boxes for your flowers.

flower box balcony garden ideas wooden railing

Ceramic and clay flower boxes are also very traditional and used for centuries and with a long lifespan. They can be shaped in original and artistic ways and add extra charm to your windows and balconies. They are very good for the plants themselves and many people believe that the flowers in them “breathe”. Despite the variations in size -from an ordinary flower pot to planter boxes – these usually are heavier and it is recommended to arrange them on the floor.

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Rattan flower boxes are very popular and they can be beautifully combined with the balcony furniture, for example.

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Plastic is weather-resistant and very easy to maintain and clean. Plastic flower boxes withstand UV rays and high temperatures without discoloration and burning of the plastic. Plastic flower boxes come in a wide variety of different colors and sizes and you can find models imitating wood.

Flower box arrangements – fascinating summer window decoration ideas

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The beginning of May is the time when you can begin with the preparation for your summer window decoration and if you need flower box ideas, we shall show you some great arrangements. Window flower boxes come in many different designs and can be made of a variety of materials – wood, plastic, concrete or metal. Self watering flower boxes and planter boxes are also a good choice as they do not require much maintenance and provide regular water supply for your flowers. Clay flower boxes are also an option which is also cost effective way to decorate your windows with blooming flowers.

Balcony garden ideas – decorate with flower boxes

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Create a fantastic balcony garden which can be used to relax the spring and summer. There is a wide variety of options for decorating balconies using flowers in boxes. Depending on the building façade, architectural style it is possible to emphasize the balcony of your home. Many flower boxes can be attached to the railings and depending on the type of flowers you can have a colorful waterfall or small decorative accents to the balcony design. Different plant heights, and colors accentuate and give a small balcony more volume.

Flower box ideas – how to choose the right type of flowers?

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A colorful balcony, a window decorated with a flower box s just look gorgeous, do not you think? If yes, then do not wait longer, but get yourself some flower boxes and flower seeds and start working. You can get inspired by the beautiful arrangements in flower boxes in the gallery below and create your fascinating summer decorating. The important thing is to choose the right plants. It is important to know where your window or balcony is facing as some plants do not like too much sun and if placed on south-facing balconies they will not grow well. You can always ask for information your florist or in a garden center what are the suitable flowers for your window. You could plant one particular or combine blooming flowers in different colors. To create an interesting texture, you may also add climbing or hanging plants,it is all up to you. Here are some useful tips for your flower box ideas:

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Balconies and windows facing to the East get a lot of sun in the morning, which is ideal for growing fuchsia, geranium, balsam, begonia, marigold and ageratum. In the afternoon the balcony is light but sun rays do not fall not directly so you should choose light colored flowers: white, light pink, lilac. Clematis, sedium, sweet pea, balsam, violets will feel great on a window and a balcony facing West.

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Balconies facing South and South-west are very sunny which is ideal for bright petunias and pansies, verbena, zinnia, etc. North-east and north-west are suitable for growing sweet tobacco, begonias, daisies, pelargoniums, nasturtium, etc. Of course, you can grow succulents in a window flower box which is an ideal option for small windows and for people who prefer flowers that do not require much care.

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wooden flower box ideas DIY summer decor window

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DIY wooden flower box balcony garden ideas

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Balcony garden box ideas balcony decorating ideas

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