Rectangle chandelier – make a statement in your dining room

by Kremy

contemporary rectangle shade chandelier minimalist lighting fixtures

A rectangle chandelier is an excellent way to make a statement as it is a spectacular decorative element and often a focal point of the interior design. Choosing the right chandelier is a serious task and the options are so many that sometimes it is difficult to decide which way to go. Rectangle chandeliers come in a wide variety is styles, sizes and designs and each one can be the unique lighting fixture in your home that attracts the eye and is both functional and visually appealing.

Rectangle chandelier – choosing the style and the size of rectangle chandeliers

contemporary dining room decorating ideas lighting ideas


Choosing the style of the rectangle chandelier will depend on several factors. It is a special kind of suspended ceiling lamp and usually consists of several lamps or elements and that is the main difference with all the other lighting fixtures. When choosing your rectangle chandelier design you have to be clear what will be its main role – will it be the main source of light or it will primarily serve as an element of the decor?

modern open plan dining living room lighting

Of course, the personal taste and preferences of the homeowner will influence the choice of the lighting fixtures. The overall interior design concept is also of great significance. A rectangle crystal chandelier with a contemporary design perhaps will look out of place in a dining room decorated in a classic style. Choosing the correct size is easy if you take a few measurements and follow a few guidelines. The style of the room will determine the style of the chandelier, but the size guidelines are constant across all styles. The ceiling height and the room size also have to be taken into consideration. An oversized one will dominate the space in a small room and vice versa – in a large open space a small chandelier will not be able to provide the striking and dramatic effect.

Rectangle chandelier design ideas is a glamorous accent

crystal elegant dining decor

Large rectangle chandelier designs create a luxurious ambiance and this type of lighting fixtures express the feeling of aesthetics and finesse of the occupant of the home. One made of crystal is the very first thing that catches your eye when you enter any room. A rectangle crystal chandelier with breath taking design is especially suitable for a dining room. The size should be in balance with the room and the table over which it hangs.

Rectangle candle chandelier – a rustic touch for a romantic atmosphere

rectangle candle chandelier dining room design ideas


The perfect dining room should create a feeling of relaxation and encourage your appetite. A rectangle candle chandelier is perfect for unique lighting as it adds both the romantic glow of candles and the warmth of the rustic touch even in modern designs . It will obviously complement a rustic dining room interior. The decor and the atmosphere of your dining room will set the mood of your family and your guests. Enjoy the gallery below and choose the best decoration for your interior design.

rectangle shade chandelier lighting fixtures dining room decor

Contemporary rectangular dining room lighting fixtures

rectangle chandelier modernt home decor minimalist design

rectangle chandelier ideas home lighting dining room decorating ideas

contemporary home decor trends

rectangle crystal chandelier modern dining room open plan

rectangle crystal chandelier dining room design lighting

modern rectangle crystal chandelier home lighting design ideas

Home decor trends rectangle dining room crystal chandelier

room rectangle dining table rectangle crystal chandelier

beautiful rectangle capiz wooden table elegant dining room

rectangle candle chandelier solid wood dining table modern rustic decor

Rectangle candle chandelier rustic dining room decorating ideas

rectangle candle chandelier dining room lighting ideas

contemporary room rectangle candle chandelier dining table


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