Mini pendants for kitchen island – creative home lighting solutions

by Kremy

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The kitchen needs a good lighting as we spend a lot of time there. One of the growing trends in lighting is using mini pendants for kitchen island. The advantage of using mini pendants is that they are very flexible and provide a better lighting. They can hang alone or clustered together which is a clever way not only for home lighting but for decoration as well.

 Mini pendants for kitchen island – how to determine the right number

awesome mini pendants for kitchen island modern home decor


Modern mini pendants for kitchen island are often used in combination with other light sources – a large chandelier, recessed lighting, fluorescent or LED lights. The right number will depend on several factors.

modern interior design mini pendant lighting different height

First of them is the available space. You can have two, three or more mini pendants with different light intensity. Another factor is the size and design of the space. A group of lights may look out of place in a small kitchen while two or three fixtures in a large area may not provide enough light and the space will look somewhat empty.

different heights unique designs

A third factor which will determine the number is the design of the lighting fixtures. Modern mini pendants come in various designs and everyone can choose the ideal model for themselves.

Lighting fixtures with modern design

 contemporary lighting

Modern mini pendants for kitchen island combine a sharp look and functionality. Very often they are used not only as a light source but as a decorative accent as they create a feeling of openness. Like other pendant lighting fixtures they are suspended from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or a metal rod.

glass mini pendant light fixtures modern

In contemporary design we often see mini pendants grouped above the kitchen island, sometimes at equal length and more and more often – at different lengths. They can be adjusted to any height and this makes them not only convenient and versatile, but in design terms you could create a dynamic feeling and add character to the room.

unique modern kitchen ideas lighting ideas

 Pendant lamps and a large chandelier combined with recessed lights

kitchen island modern mini pendant light fixtures leather bar stools

Lamps over kitchen island

mini pendant lights modern lighting ideas

 Minimalist white interior with black lights

minimalist design white kitchen black

 Contemporary pendant lamps design

modern lighting ideas breakfats bar lighting ideas

 Different heights

contemporary kitchen design

modern interior design lighting ideas mini pendant lights

 modern home lighting

breakfast bar lighting ideas

lighting ideas

island steel mini pendant bar stools purple cabinets

contemporary lighting ideas pendant light fixtures

open plan kitchen living room

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