Privacy plants – a living fence for your outdoor area

by Kremy

privacy plants ideas blooming shrubs garden landscape design

We have discussed many ways to secure the privacy in your garden and many garden fence ideas. The most obvious and popular way is, of course, the garden fence or screens. However, many people prefer a living fence which is not only functional but with enormous decorative value. Here comes the question – how to choose privacy plants for the garden?

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privacy plants ideas garden landscape bamboo privacy wall


Evergreen hedging plants and shrubs are a popular way to create a living garden fence by using privacy plants. They look classy and save you not only from prying eyes, but from noise as well. Boxwood hedge plants are ideal for a privacy wall and have been used for ages. Boxwood hedges can be shaped in various geometric forms. Bamboo is another excellent idea. It is fast growing and with great aesthetics. Like hedge plants, bamboo can be planted in containers, which makes it a perfect choice for balconies as well. Privet requires some pruning to form a dense hedge or a privacy screen. Other popular choices are thuja, fir, Scarlet Firethorn, etc.

privacy plants roses colorful rose garden privacy screen

Great options for a garden privacy wall are the blooming shrubs and climbing plants. Like the evergreen plants, they will secure the privacy but will add spectacular color to the garden. Oleander is a very beautiful plant but you have to be really careful with it as it is poisonous and you should avoid planting oleander especially if you have pets and small children. Lilac is one of the privacy plants which are easiest to grow. Southern arrowwood is among the top plants used for landscaping. It is highly appreciated for the creamy-white flowers in spring. Among the climbing plants, the top of the tops is always the rose. Climbing roses offer a rich variety of colors and some species bloom all summer long. The hydrangeas are a fantastic living fence and also have different colors. Clematis, passion flower, jasmine, ivy, wisteria – all these climbing plants are perfect for creating a private oasis in your backyard!


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Amur maple is one of the plants that look amazingly beautiful with the spectacular red color and your privacy hedge will look amazingly well. The trumpet-shape flowers of the glossy abelia are wonderful and you can enjoy them all summer long. Abelia grows quite tall but you could sheer it as per your taste. Holly is another popular choice which works great as a hedge. Holly requires pruning, although some of the species are easier to maintain – dwarf yaupon holly, inkberry, etc. The red or orange berries of the holly will add to the visual appearance of your privacy hedge. Enjoy the yard fencing ideas in the gallery below!

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 plants ideas Scarlet Firethorn patio decor garden landscape ideas

 plants ideas lilac backyard fence ideas

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