Privacy fence or garden wall – 112 landscape ideas

by Kremy

modern Natural stone wall garden privacy ideas

Find inspiration for the modern fence construction – in the article, we will give you an overview of the different types of privacy fence and garden wall ideas.

Gabion garden wall modern idea stylish privacy protection fence


Do you want to build a privacy fence? Prepare yourself in advance – make a sketch of your garden. Highlight the fence and measure whether there is an inclination in the terrain. It is also important to determine the desired height. Low fences do not provide enough privacy. Optimal is a height between 1.5 meters to 2 meter – however, it is closely related to the terrain specifics. The market offers numerous options  –  wooden fences look natural, but need a regular oil application. Metal ones are sturdier than the wooden fences, but cost significantly more and there is a risk of rusting. The chain-link fence can withstand bad weather well, but you need the help of professionals in the construction. Fences can be combined with climbing plants.

Garden wall blue plant privacy fence idea

The garden wall usually costs more, but in any case it’s worth the investment. In contrast to the privacy fence, a wall is very resistant, increases the value of the property and can even be used as a “wall” for the outdoor kitchen. It protects against cold wind. The natural stone wall can be planted – the design has a great appeal.

Metal fence modern design light and shadow

Before you buy it is very important to know the exact boundaries of the property where the fence will be placed. Once the place is set, it is necessary to estimate the location of trees, plants, flower beds, etc. You also need to check the soil as it may contain cement or stones. There are many options for fencing, some are more suitable for certain conditions than others. Also, check local restrictions on the height and distance from various structures. In some cities, you may need a permission to install near a power line and the like.

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Metal fence integrated lighting chic patio

Patio privacy fence lawn gravel garden wall plant

Garden design wooden fence water deck

Feng Shui garden Bonsai Tree Bamboo privacy fence

Metal gates wooden privacy fence decorative stones

Metal Garden Fence Patio Garden

Wrought iron fence beautiful accents design

Wrought iron fence Plant sun pattern

small garden design black furniture bamboo plants feng shui style

Wooden privacy fence modern chic design idea

Wooden privacy fence modern garden design cacti palm trees

Wooden privacy fence stone wall combination Patio Area

Wooden privacy fence chic design

Wooden privacy fence garden planting stone tile furniture

bamboo privacy fence staircase modern design

Wood Plastic privacy fence patio design ideas

garden design ideas wooden privacy fence planting ivy

Wooden fence and Screening Plants metal furniture planters pots

wooden fence small garden design deck stairs

Glass metal frame low plants

Pool privacy fence Stone Wall modern house facade

 design lighting concrete wooden privacy fence

small design patio tree wooden deck privacy fence

small garden design trees privacy fence

Wooden garden fence hanging chair stone path

small garden ideas stone wall plants photos

privacy patio wooden deck

Metal fence modern garden design design ideas

Metal Design Fountain

beautiful concrete garden wall design ideas lighting

green wall pond wooden deck

Concrete wall wooden elements sculptural garden

Wooden privacy fence models original designs garden

Garden Fence modern design ideas wooden pallets

Patio area garden privacy fence design

Bench fireplace garden metal fence design

small garden design fountain wooden privacy fence

design concrete fireplace

patio fence patio furniture trees shrubs

Bamboo design pool

design gravel path

Pool privacy bamboo design

garden design modern design pool

Gabion Garden design stone garden shower design

Garden wall gabion modern

Gabion Garden Wall build yourself plant pots

natural stone metal wall

 outdoor kitchen furniture design idea

ideas modern fence

white flowers privacy protection ideas

pergola classic design evergreen plants

Wooden Fence Patio Furniture Pergola Design Spring flowers

Wooden fence exotic form

wooden fence design Summer flowers

Wooden fence country style chic design

Wood concrete wall design metal stair

Wood carving garden fence DIY ideas

traditional wooden fence recycled wood carving

traditional high wooden fence design

Rooftop garden bench recessed lighting bamboo

purple garden wall privacy protection wall

jacuzzi tub Garden design

Oak wood interesting design

Natural Stone Wall purple color plants patio design

Natural stone wall planted pergola sunscreen

Innovative wooden Dog gap cool idea

House ideas concrete wall

high concrete wall bamboo carbon

Garden wall natural stone wood concrete gravel path

 wall concrete and white wood details

Garden wall design idea

Screen panels concrete metal plastic

artistic design idea

pergola black fence flower pots

gate wrought iron modern

gate retaining wall wooden privacy

 privacy fence wood carving

white paint roses flowers

cool metal fence 3D effect

Concrete wall wood lawn outdoor shower

concrete wall garden path design

Concrete wall garden design country style

Concrete garden wall cool idea plant pebbles

Concrete Fence House Garden

Concrete fence Floral Design slope

Classic fence design gate

blue picket fence sunflower

Bamboo privacy fence stylish

Bamboo privacy fence Garden design

Glass fence modern

backyard patio landscape lawn outdoor furniture

 Timber privacy pcreens conteporary patio

 privacy garden wall ideas stone wall

 patio landscape fireplace outdoor furniture

 living vertical garden wall privacy fence

 garden wall privacy protection backyard landscape ideas

 garden privacy fence ideas creative design protection

 fence ideas patio landscape contemporary patio ideas
cedar screen modern patio retaining wall outdoor furniture


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