Self-watering flower pots and containers – what are their advantages

colorful ceramic self watering flower pots

It is important that your plants get the right flower pot. We show you how you can save water for a long time the plants enough. When the weather is warm and sunny, the water in the flower pots evaporates faster. This is the reason why the plants have to be watered more often. Especially with balcony plants that is the case, as they are directly exposed in the sun. You may admit that it has happened that you forgot to water the plants, but there is a solution that saves us from the daily watering – the self-watering flower pots.

What are the advantages of self-watering flower pots?

Modern design plastic self watering planter

Self-watering flower pots and containers come in various shapes and can be used indoors or outdoor. Plastic or ceramic – they have a list of pros that will save your time and money:

You save up to 50% water.
They save you the daily watering.
They keep the soil moist for a long time.
They ensure the proper watering of plants.
You can control the level of the water.


Self-watering flower pots – how do they work and what they consist of?

the advantages of self watering flower pots

Self-watering flower pots work by transferring water from a reservoir container to a second container where the soil and plant are located. Usually the water reservoir is under the plant container. The typical construction of self-watering containers include:

A saucer, which is placed in the flower pot and where the water accumulates.
An indication of water level which shows exactly when the plant needs water.
A pipe with lid for watering and fertilizing.
A special absorbent strip which transfers the necessary amount of water into the soil.


self watering flower pots parts

Self-watering containers are easy to assemble

self watering flower containers

 Colorful self watering containers


Colorful planters for the balcony decoration

colorful self-watering planteris design ideas

Self watering planters can be used outdoors too

self-watering planters design ideas modern design

 Beautiful home decoration with easy maintenance

self-watering plant container advantages

 Self watering planters are perfect for growing herbs

self watering herb planter

 The different colors and designs will suit every taste

self-watering flower pots rattan plant containers

  Compact design, suitable for every interior

self-watering flowerpot purple color plastic

 An eye-catching garden decoration

red self-watering flower pot garden path

 An elegant addition to modern bathroom interior

plastic bathroom self-watering planter



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