20 creative air plant containers and terrarium ideas

by Kremy

 plant containers ideas air display crystal rock

Air plants in hanging containers are not a hot news new. However, their popularity continues to grow, as they have a very attractive appearance, a great visual appeal and low maintenance. We shall show you 20 air plant containers and terrarium ideas which offer great possibilities of playing with the design styles.

Unique air plant containers

Sea urchin shell plant terrarium DIY mini garden


Recently, we have seen the transformation of the sea urchins which are used as air plant containers. They combine both the maritime theme and the mini garden theme and are an ideal option for a unique home decor. Containers of polymer clay are also very popular, as they look really beautiful and are an ideal DIY project.

plants display ideas air containers organic shapes

Organic shapes are very trendy and you can find many porcelain containers with holes with a contemporary appearance. Even though the plants are inside the container, the abundance of large holes does not hide them, and provides the necessary ventilation. Ceramic containers with original shapes can be placed on a side table and will add a fantastic accent to the interior.

Unique wood slabs air plant containers organic containers

Pieces of wood are also a great idea as they add a rustic touch. If you prefer a more unusual and unique air plant container natural crystal rocks are the best solution for you.

Unique air plant containers and terrariums

unique plant containers ideas air terrarium

Many talented designers come up with innovative ways to create spectacular terrariums and offer air plant containers with unusual shapes. An air plant terrarium is always eye catching and there is no limit to fantasy and creativity. For DIY lovers, there are many options – mason jars, old lanterns, glass cups or vases. Whether you will use hanging glass balls, or wall mounted options, air plant containers with geometric shapes or modern minimalist designs – the possibilities of displaying your air plants are endless.

unique plant containers ideas mini garden ideas

 Creative display in wine cork containers

wine corks plant containers DIY ideas

 A lovely air plant terrarium

Pyramid plant terrarium original design ideas

 Sea urchin air plant container

sea urchin innovative air plant containers

 Glass cylinders and sea urchin shelles

modern plant containers sea urchin

hanging ideas glass ball terrarium

 Spectacular air plant containers

Glass globes fascinating plants containers hanging containers

 Awesome crystal rock container

crystal air plant garden creative

 Hanging glass ball container

plant terrarium ideas air

 Wall mounted air plant terrarium

wall mounted bubbles air plant terrarium

air plants terrarium tillandsia display ideas glass dish

plants ceramic air  display ideas

air ideas jam jars terrarium ideas DIY

air ideas colorful flower pots

air plant containers ideas ceramic containers organic shape


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