How to design an Asian themed bedroom – furniture and decoration ideas

Written by Kremena Ruseva

asian themed design futon bed black table awesome wall decor

An Asian themed bedroom is characterized with minimalism and features the two main elements of this style – the abundance of light and a minimum of bedroom furniture and decorative elements. No clutter and perfect order are the principles for the peaceful relax. Many designs are inspired by the Zen philosophy and create interiors with a simple and soothing atmosphere.


Asian themed bedroom for a perfect relax

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Even if you do not like the traditional Japanese style, you can only use some essential features. For example shoji screens are often used as well as sliding doors. They are both stylish and comfortable as these doors do not take from the space. Screens can be used as a separating element between rooms, enclosed space for dressing or just as a decorative element.

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Futon bed, bamboo mats and flower branches will fit perfectly in an Asian themed bedroom. The emphasis of the interior designs should be on symmetry and natural materials. For the walls, choose light colors like white, sand or beige, and the floor can be in a contrasting dark color. Wood flooring is strongly advisable. The ceiling can be designed creatively with exposed wooden beams which will enhance the natural feeling.

Asian themed bedroom – furniture and decoration tips

Modern Asian bedroom design wooden furniture orange decoration

Depending on your preferences an Asian themed bedroom can be minimalist or exotic and vivid. If you want to create a more relaxed atmosphere in your home, choose a fresh and bright Japanese style with simple lines and green plants. Chinese tradition interior decoration offers more vibrant and contrasting colors – red, gold accessories and ornate decorative elements.

Sophisticated Asian themed design beautiful accent wall

Asian style is all about nature and natural motifs of traditional floral prints, painted trees and exotic birds are more than suitable for the wall decor. Plants perfectly fit into the Asian interiors and are an important element of the decor – orchids, bamboo and bonsai trees would be an ideal choice. Furniture should be made of wood and without unnecessary decorative elements. Opt for bamboo or rosewood or light furniture with dark finishes which fits in the Asian theme interiors.


The main principles of Asian themed bedroom design

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Asian style in interior design is considered as versatile as it can be neutral and subdued or bright and exotic. Japanese bedrooms are minimalist while Chinese inspired interiors can be more dramatic and opulent. However, harmony is the leading principle of Asian themed bedroom designs. The different elements –walls, floor, furniture, lighting and decoration – should work together to create a balanced interior. Asian themed bedroom designs are especially suitable for small bedrooms as the interior is designed to create a feeling of space and airiness. Oriental interiors are known for the fact that every item is there for a reason and has its special place. Clutter is unthinkable in Asian bedrooms. Clear forms and shapes, functionality, natural materials and perfect order – these are the pillars of interior design in Asian style.

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Despite the similarities there are some particularities which define the Japanese and the Chinese styles. Chinese interiors reflect thousands of years of traditions and culture. Although modern lifestyle and interior design allow a certain freedom, the interiors are created in order to reflect these traditions. For example, colors have a deep symbolic meaning and black, beige, red and gold are the typical colors of the interior. Green with yellow and blue is also in the color scheme options. In general Chinese bedroom designs feature a wider variety of colors and color combinations. Red and black, accents in gold and glossy lacquered surfaces can create spectacular interiors with eye catching contrasts while white, beige and brown will work for a bedroom with a relaxed atmosphere. Symmetry is also of great importance in Chinese philosophy. A bed in the center of the room with bedside tables, arranged at the same distance from the sides of the walls is the typical layout of the bedroom. Furniture and accessories should be chosen as per the color scheme – vases, screens, lighting, wall decoration – every element should be connected with the others to create a feeling of harmony.

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Japanese inspired bedroom interiors are based on the traditional minimalism and functionality. The absence of excess in a bedroom should be all you need for a comfortable stay and this is of great importance for the positive energy flows. Functionality follows the minimalism in design. The furniture is chosen with respect to its functions and the materials are only natural. Textiles, decorations and finishes should also be from natural materials. The color scheme in a traditional Japanese bedroom is a bit more restricted than in a Chinese design. It includes the colors of the neutral palette – gray, white, beige, cream. The furniture is characterized with sharp geometric proportions, simple lines and smooth surface. Another typical feature for the Japanese bedroom furniture is that it is low and furniture pieces can be transformed which is a result of the small-sized home space where one area is used as a bedroom, living room and dining room. Wardrobes and chests must be invisible. They should be hidden behind screens or in a niche. A bonsai tree is a classic decorative element in a Japanese bedroom as well as screens.

 Beautiful wall decoration

asian decoration ideas wall decoration trees nutral colors interior

Elegant Asian style bedroom in neutral colors

unique asian bedroom design ideas neutral colors spectacular wall design

 Sophisticated Asian interior and wall decoration

asian themed master design natural materials wood floor furniture

Vibrant red accent wall

asian themed bedroom interior design ideas red accent wall wall painting

Asian inspired modern bedroom interior

asian bedroom decor modern interior decorating ideas bonsai trees low bed

 Artistic wall painting

Asian themed bedroom design spectacular wall decoration low bed neutral colors

Symmetry and balance

Japanese style bedroom interior wall mural dark wood furniture

A lovely bonsai tree as an element of the decor

asian themed bedroom red orange colors bonsai tree low bed

Modern-Asian bedroom decoration ideas paper screen door black furniture

asian themed bedroom furniture decoration ideas low bed bonsai tree

asian themed bedroom design ideas sliding doors low bed red accent color

Asian themed decor ideas modern bedroom interior awesome accent wall


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