Corner whirlpool tub – the perfect solution for small bathrooms

Written by Kremena Ruseva

space saving bathroom furniture corner whirlpool bathtub ideas

There is no reason to think that a small bathroom cannot accommodate a bathtub. There are many ways to maximize the space in your bathroom and enjoy the pleasure of a luxury bathing. A corner whirlpool tub is the perfect solution which will allow you to have a fabulous focal point in the bedroom and a relaxing bathing every day.

 Why choose a corner design – the pros of a corner whirlpool tub?

bathroom furniture ideas corner bath whirlpool tub

One of the greatest advantages of corner whirlpool tubs is that they are a space saving solution for small bathrooms. In addition they can be easily fitted into rooms with unusual size like long or narrow bathrooms. In design terms a corner whirlpool tub adds a unique visual aesthetics to any bathroom, as they are offered in various styles and colors.

modern corner whirlpool bath tub minimalist bathroom

The corner tub has its own charm and elegance and that is why these are often placed underneath windows, which creates a feeling of airiness and openness. Placing your whirlpool tub in the corner immediately leaves a lot of free central space. This will make the movement much easier and you have a bigger choice for the other furniture pieces – vanity, shelves, storage, etc. A corner tub often offers a deeper volume which is important for people who prefer a relaxing soaking.

The cons of a corner whirlpool bathtub

corner jacuzzi tub wood vanities bathroom design modern lighting

One of the main drawbacks of having a corner whirlpool tub is that most of the designs are bulky and need some serious corner space. Space saving options may be somewhat uncomfortable compared to standard or larger tub sizes. Corner tubs are much difficult to clean and maintain and you may have to actually get into the tub. It is almost impossible to combine a corner whirlpool tub with a shower, so in case you want to have both, you will need some careful planning of space. Some people opt for a small Japanese soaking tub instead which is another solution for limited spaces.

stylish whirlpool tubs corner tubs small bathroom ideas

 Luxury corner tub and wood deck

awesome bathroom design ideas corner whirlpool tub wood flooring

 A perfect solution for small bathrooms

space saving bathtub ideas corner tub whirlpool tub designs

 Elegant design with clear lines

 corner whirlpool tub modern bathroom furniture ideas

 A feeling of airiness and spaciousness

luxury whirlpool massage bathtub corner tub ideas

 A whirlpool tub and shower combo

corner whirlpool tub with shower modern small bathroom furniture

 Elegant tub design

Cool corner whirlpool tub ideas modern minimalist bathroom

space saving bathroom ideas whirlpool bathtub

small bathroom ideas space saving tub ideas whirlpool bathtub

Modern bathroom jacuzzi tub ideas

luxury two persons modern bathroom interior

small bathrooms furniture corner whirlpool bathtub

 bathroom design modern furniture

 for two contemporary bathroom furniture

corner bathtub small bathroom ideas whirlpool tubs

bathroom whirlpool tubs design pros cons


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