Freestanding whirlpool tub – the power of hydro massage as therapy

by Kremy

modern freestanding whirlpool tub for two spa bathroom furniture

Anyone who has heard about a whirlpool bathtub dreams of owning one. It feels very comfortable when the water splashes all around, while the water jets massage the skin. Your muscles relax, the mixture of scents and the rhythmic sound of water lead you to the finest nap. We will show you 20 freestanding whirlpool tub designs which can provide you the greatest of pleasures and a true spa experience at your own home.

Freestanding whirlpool tub – the pros

white round whirlpool tub luxury bathroom furniture ideas


One of the biggest advantages of a freestanding whirlpool tub in design terms is that it looks in a fantastic way. They come in a wide variety of styles and designs – from classic shapes to ultra modern glass types and you can choose the type of visual statement you want to achieve. It is a fact that a freestanding jet tub is like a showpiece furniture and is so much more than a bathroom fixture.

 large whirlpool tub with headrest contemporary bathroom furniture ideas

In addition it is finished on all sides, which allows you a certain flexibility when choosing the way the bathtub is installed and positioned. Whirlpool tubs immediately change the ambiance of any bathroom and give it a spa-like feeling.

Freestanding whirlpool tub – the cons

white acrylic whirlpool bathtub blue headrest LED lighting

A freestanding whirlpool tub will take up more space than any built-in tub. Yes, it does require more space and you have to carefully choose the right model for the size of your bathroom. In general, freestanding whirlpool tubs are not designed with surrounding storage which means that you may experience a certain discomfort if you decide to add aroma candles or enjoy a glass of wine while in the tub.


Depending on the model, freestanding whirlpool tubs can be quite heavy and you will have to reinforce your bathroom floor prior installation. Last but not least, you have to consider the plumbing, as freestanding tubs require a hidden plumbing and it could be more costly and difficult than the plumbing of a built-in tub.


Whirlpool-acrylic-freestanding-bathtub-air water massage spa tub

 A relaxing spa experience at your home


 A whirlpool soaking tub with headrest

round-freestanding-whirlpool-tub-for three luxury bathroom ideas

 Contemporary bathtub design

modern-freestanding-whirlpool-tub-spa bathroom furniture

Modern whirlpool bathtub with elegant design

modern-freestanding-whirlpool-tub-soaking tub ideas

 Luxury bathroom furniture with modern design

freestanding-whirlpool-tub-oval shape glass sides

Minimalist bathroom interior

contemporary red bathroom with hydro massage bathtub oval shape

A complement for any bathroom


luxury-modern-bathroom-whirlpool-tub with headrest rectangular shape glass sides

luxury-freestanding-double-whirlpool-bathtub-modern spa bathroom furniture ideas

luxury bathroom ideas-freestanding-whirlpool-tub-

round freestanding whirlpool tub luxury bathroom furniture ideas



contemporary-freestanding-whirlpool-tub-glass sides rectangular shape


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