Feng shui bed placement – rules and practical advice

Written by Kremena Ruseva

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We started to discuss the right way for Feng shui bed placement and the rules we need to follow when we want to arrange a harmonious and balanced environment in our bedroom. Today, we shall continue the topic with some practical tips which will be of help to you.

Feng shui bed placement and rearrangement of the bedroom furniture

feng shui bed position tips bedroom design ideas

With reference to Earth energy flow you need to make sure that your Feng shui bed placement ensures the best for you. If you feel uncertain, consult with a Feng Shui specialist.

Feng shui bed placement depends on the shape of the bedroom

feng shui bed placement bedroom furniture ideas layout

Most bedrooms are square, rectangle or oval. The proper form of the room allows the energy to flow freely. Rooms with sharp corners are considered unfavorable, but this can be adjusted with mirrors, plants or curtains to ensure you have the right Feng shui bed placement.

The location of the bedroom and the correct Feng shui bed placement

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Since the bedroom is the place to rest, it has to be farthest from the front door and it is very important that it is not located on a straight line to the front door, and it should not be near the kitchen and toilet.

The door of the bedroom

small bedroom feng shui bed position ideas contemporary bedroom

The bedroom should only have one door as this will help avoiding crossing of energy flows and result in negative effects.

Feng shui bed placement and bedroom furniture

feng shui bedroom correct bed position rules advice

The furniture in the bedroom should be chosen without sharp corners, and you need to make sure that if there are any, they are not aimed at the bed. The most common objects that are considered as “proble”are bedside tables, whose corners will cross your bed from both sides. So try to position them farther apart or drape them with a soft cloth.

 What is the right bed?

Feng shui bedroom ideas bed rules

 Your bed should be strong and solid and it should be quieter than any other furniture pieces.


 feng shui bed position rules diagram

Feng shui bed placement recommends that you arrange the bed in such a way so that when you are lying on it, you could see the bedroom door and the people entering into the room. Generally, it is advisable not to put the bed in the middle of the room.The most comfortable position of the bed is diagonally across from the door. Avoid placing the bed close to the window.

What about the space under the bed?

feng shui bedroom furniture layout

It is advisable that your bed was on the legs or wheels, and is not placed directly on the floor. Also it is recommendable that you do not store any items below it.

bedrooms with sloping ceiling

 bedroom furniture ideas rules

It is a good idea to avoid bedrooms with sloping ceiling. If you have no other option, however, stretch a red ribbon parallel to the floor, to smooth the angles.

the ceiling beams

Fbed placement contemporary bedroom green accents

It is important not to place the bed under the ceiling beams, especially across them. it is not possible to rearrange the bed, the best way to avoid the bad influence of the beams will be to create a false ceiling or use something to correct the energy flow. Bells, windmills, crystals, etc will be helpful.

avoid negative energy

Master bedroom design feng shui position

The bed should not be places in the direction of corners, signs, advertising arrows pointing in your direction, as well as various sharp objects that you can see directly from the bed. Use mirrors, curtains or blinds to neutralize the bad effect.

 The mirrors in the bedroom

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Mirrors should be used carefully. Do not hang a mirror on the bedroom door and avoid placing them in a way that you could see your reflection from the bed.

The harmony of colors is also important

fenshui bedroom design correct bed position tips ideas

 Curtains are one of the ways to neutralize negative effects

  bedroom design bed placement bedroom furniture

Try to match colors and furniture harmoniously

fengshui bedroom decor correct bed position tips

 It is recommended that the bed is on legs

  bedroom bed position furniture layout

Avoid storing things under the bed

bed placement tips bedroom furnitutre colors

A perfect example

 bed position bedroom design ideas

Modern bedroom

elegant bedroom bed palcement rules tips






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