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by Kremy

original creative DIY greeting card ideas music sheets

The greeting card is a one page book, which we decorate with gorgeous backgrounds and fine images to enjoy ourselves and to please our loved ones and friends. This is an opportunity to express our feelings, to send one for holidays and show and individual and personal attitude. We have collected 25 DIY greeting card ideas with music sheets which look gorgeous and the music sheets can be used for various occasions.

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DIY greeting card ideas with music sheets are a very special way to show your feelings and affection towards your friends and family. Music sheets cards can look very romantic or show a sense of humor and crafting one will take you very little time but will mean so much! All it takes is to have the desire and inspiration because you can find the materials in any craft store. Whether a birthday card, a thanking card, a card that conveys your best wishes for Easter or Christmas, there is no limit on the festive occasion and with a bit of creativity you can craft magnificent cards and combine crafts with buttons with the sheet music, for example.

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To craft a greeting card you need some basic materials. Look at the DIY greeting cards ideas in the gallery, choose the one that you like best or think of your own pattern and design. What you need is a base for the card which you can cut to your preferred size. Most often the dimensions are 10×15 cm, 13×18 cm, or square – 14×14 cm, 15×15 cm. Choose a heavier paper which will be able to stand firm and will not bend as you glue on it heavier elements. Scissors and glue are the tools that you need to have. Some liquid types may wrinkle the paper so it best to use double-sided adhesive tape or a silicone gun as it glues successfully cardboard, buttons, flowers lace or ribbons.

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