Christmas cards 2022: Cards to download for FREE or DIY for this year’s holiday!

by Gabby

There are currently 18 days left before Christmas! I am wondering if you already start preparing for the most wonderful day of the year. I certainly did, and I even started buying early presents this year. My question today is, do you send out Christmas cards? If yes, are you making them yourself this year? If you want to spend time, Deavita team is here for you! We prepared some of the best Christmas cards for 2022 that you can send your friends and family this year. Let’s check them out!

Christmas cards 2022: Spread joy to your friends and family!

christmas cards 2022 free to download friends and family send out this year

Have you decided what you are going to do when it comes to the Christmas cards this year? Whether you are going to DIY them, or just download them and send them to everyone, I have some of the coolest and trendiest suggestion for this year. You can absolutely download a card that you like for free and use social media to spread some joy to your family and friends. If you want to have fun yourself, you can try and DIY the perfect cards. Let’s not waste more time and dive into the Christmas spirits with our top choices for cards in 2022!

 Traditional Christmas cards 2022 to send to your family and friends

traditional christmas card with a wish for friends and family download and send this year for the holidays spirit


Why is it important to send Christmas cards? Because even if you are away for the holidays, your loved ones will still feel acknowledge and special. These kinds of online cards to send out are in a way better, because they will not get lost in the mail, and you will make sure they will receive it in time. There are many different ideas to choose from when it comes to Christmas cards. That type are the more traditional ones.

Joy and blessings from our family to yours, this Christmas and every day christmas card traditional quotes tree and children

Have you seen a more beautiful scenery? We have turned this into the perfect card your family must send to other friends and families. It is very trendy, because of the trendy Christmas tree decoration on the photo and at the same time so cute. It will put you in the mood just by looking at it! If you need more inspiration, you can scroll more and find many in our gallery!

traditioinal christmas card to send to your family joyful health and happiness red color

If you are looking for something simple and absolutely traditional to send out this year, this is the ideal one for you! The red color, the Christmas wreath that is peaking, and the beautiful Christmas wish are all combined into this card. You can download it and send it for the holidays. It is also perfect if you are going to send something to your coworkers or your boss, since the text allows it as well.

Funny Christmas cards 2022

christmas card with gift jokes and santa claus funny spread happiness download for free

This is for the people that love to laugh on the holidays and want to forget all the seriousness for a bit! If you want to send a Christmas card that combines the traditional with the humor and sarcasm, try this one for this year’s holidays! To bring up the mood of your family and bring joy, try to make them smile with these cards. Also, if you want some extra laughs, you can send them funny Christmas memes! Escape from the ordinary and give cards that are extraordinary!

animal funny christmas card to send this year jokes holiday spirit cute cat with a hat

I don’t think there are people out there that doesn’t watch funny animals on the internet! We all have that guilty pleasure where we just sit and laugh so hard on a TikTok with a funny cat. Imaging sending one of these for Christmas! The laughter is guaranteed, and you will make your family and friends smiling hard! I recommend for you to think out of the box for this year’s cards and send out this grumpy little fellow with the most sarcastic wish!

DIY holiday cards to make this year

christmas card DIY easy craft and art materials cute and funny for this holiday

If you have more time on your hands, or if you just love to do crafts, there is nothing better than doing the Christmas cards yourself. Your loved ones will know that these cards are extra special, since you made them with so much love. It is easier than you think. All you need is paper, a bunch of buttons, and glue. Using the buttons you can create different Christmas figures like a snowman for example. You can also draw a Christmas tree, and use the buttons as ornaments to decorate it.

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DIY christmas card leftover wrapping paper easy to make creative crafts

If you have some leftover Christmas wrapping paper from last year, or Christmas napkins, you can create this card. It is very easy to make, and it will not take more than 5 minutes. You are going to need to cut the paper in circles, and you are going to need a glue! Grab your materials and get creative!

Other holiday cards to download for free

christmas card free download merry christms hot chocolate white decoration

Christmas tree card 

christmas tree lights santa card to download and send for free to friends

Meaningful Christmas card

beautiful christmas card to send out this year to bring up the mood and christmas spirit

Funny card to send to friends 

santa claus christmas jokes card to send to your friends happy new year spread joy free download

Pink Christmas card

pink christmas card an angel very cute and chic for your loved ones family and friends

Beautiful card with a wish for Christmas

joy and blessings christmas card to send to families and friends

DIY snowman with buttons card

DIY snowman christmas card with buttons easy to make creative art and craft

DIY Christmas cards ideas

DIY christmas cards ideas for 2022 how to make them very easy craft and art

Pink cute gifts on a card

warmest greetings for christmas on a card to send out original idea download for free

Card with ornaments 

christmas oraments and tree card with a wish to send to your friends coworkers and family

Simple DIY card to do with your family

simple DIY christmas card to make ahead for the holidays to give to your family

The perfect Christmas card 

perfect wish to write for christmas on a card for the holidays downloand and send for free

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