Christmas tree color trends 2022: 20 ideas on how to decorate this year!

by Gabby

Is it too early to start decorating our Christmas trees? This is a question that comes up very often, but I personally think it is never too early. This is my favorite holiday of the year. Nothing melts my heart more than coming home and looking at my winter wonderland decoration. It feels cozy and magical. I am even going to share a secret. Sometimes, I leave my Christmas decoration until March, and I am not ashamed to say it! Are you one of the people that wants a different look to their Christmas tree every year? I certainly am! So let’s find out Christmas tree color trends for 2022 and get in the spirit!

Christmas tree color trends 2022: How to decorate it magically?

christmas tree colors trends 2022 how to decorate ideas magical fairytale

The Christmas trees are the most important pieces of our decoration during the most wonderful time of the year. They are what you noticed first, when you arrive home. With their beautiful colors and shiny ornaments, they create the perfect atmosphere for grabbing a mug with hot cocoa and watching Home Alone, or How the Grinch stole Christmas. As I already mentioned, I want my tree to look different every year and I love experimenting with colors and styles. Depending on whether you want it simple, or with a lot of ornaments, shiny, with lights or not, you can choose from the best Christmas tree color trends 2022. There is something for everyone! Let’s find out more!

1. Classic red and green Christmas tree

classic christmas tree color trends 2022 how to decorate red green ornaments ideas


I am going to start with the classic. Red ornaments combined with a green tree screams Christmas fairy tale. This is a classic for a reason. It never goes out of style, and you will dive into the Christmas spirit. You can create a simple, chic atmosphere or go over the top and create a rich looking tree with lots of garlands and shiny ribbons. Adding gold ornaments will make the red color pop even more. Check out the 4 Christmas trends that should not be missed this year!

2. All white aesthetic

how to decorate my christmas tree this year 2022 ideas all white colors ornaments

Have you ever had a white Christmas tree? There is always that question if you should keep buying a new real Christmas tree every year or just buy one that is artificial. I personally think that buying an artificial one, will be better for the planet and our ecosystem. Maybe it is time to try a white one, or with a fake snow on it. Decorate it with all white ornaments for an ice wonderland. This is very trendy at the moment and if you have furniture in the same aesthetic, you should certainly give it a try!

3. Navy blue

christmas decoration ideas 2022 navy blue color shade trends winter fairytale

Navy blue is one of the shades that was always considered as classy and stunning. To your surprise, for this year’s Christmas tree, you can mix different shades of blue to create the perfect decoration. This is for you if you love a more vintage style, since these colors can bring you back in time to the Victorian Era. Combine the navy ornaments with linen white ribbons or white flowers.

4. Green on green Christmas tree decorations

green shades ornaments christmas tree decorations 2022 trends ideas how to decorate

All color associated with nature are currently trending. Not only in interior design, but in general, natural shades are preferred recently over the intense colors. If you want to escape from the classic red and gold ornaments, try this green on green Christmas tree trend. Choosing this type of decor, will give you the sense that you have a small magical forest in your home. You can add metallic ornaments, or dried branches, fake flowers or leaves. Make it as green as possible for the full effect!

5. Natural earthy Christmas decorations

earthy natural christmas decoration trends 2022 colors how to decorate this year recycle pinecones

If you want to go for a more subtle look for your Christmas tree, try adapting this natural decoration. This includes pine cones, wooden ornaments, dried branches, and leaves. In general going for the earthy tones will ensure your green Christmas tree looking trendy and chic. Let’s do it extra special and try adding some ornaments made from recycled materials. That type of decor will give you the romantic atmosphere that you need this year.

6. Candy Land Christmas tree colors trends 2022

candy land christmas tree decorations trends nutcracker donut pink winter wonderland romantic cute

This is for you ladies, that love these girly Candy Land vibes. If you want something nontraditional and extraordinary, try adapting this cute, pink decor for Christmas 2022. It is absolutely trendy, since we even see it on the H&M Christmas collection 2022. Adding a pink nutcracker is a must to finish off this princess candy decor!

7. Pastel colors on your Christmas tree

pink pastel christmas tree decor how to decorate this year 2022 winter beautiful trends colors

How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2022 and impress your guests? Let’s try some pastel colors! The gentle effect of these ornaments will have on your home will be extraordinary! If you have beige or white furniture, pastel ornaments and garlands will compliment them in the best possible way.

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