10 Famous Christmas quotes from movies:Share the holiday cheer with your loved ones!

by Kristiyana

Can you already feel that special Christmas spirit? By now, everything seems to be decorated with string lights in different colours, glorious pine trees with numerous ornaments, and cute red-nosed reindeers with sleds. You have started making hot cocoa with marshmallows, and are looking up on the latest Christmas recipes. Everything seems to be about the upcoming Christmas holiday. And for the biggest fans of this holiday, why not spread the festive cheer with your loved ones by sharing 10 Famous Christmas quotes from movies?!

Quotes from movies about the true Christmas spirit

christmas movies quotes_quotes from scrooged

Let’s start off strong with our Christmas quotes from movies, by first mentioning one from the Christmas movie Scrooged. The character of Frank Cross is the one who says it, and it tells us how Christmas is a time of many wonders. More specifically, how each and every one of us can share the Christmas spirit by acting a little nicer and smiling a little more!

quotes from Jingle Jangle_quotes about christmas


This quote is from the movie Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. Jeronicus Jangle’s character reminds us that miracles happen all over the world, and especially on Christmas! So it doesn’t matter if no one believes what you believe, what matters is that you have faith in yourself, and in what you see and feel!

quotes from polar express_polar express quotes

From the classic animated Christmas movie Polar Express, this quote comes from no one other than Santa himself! It reminds us that the true Christmas spirit is not in the presents, or decorations, but in our very own heart.

quotes from grinch_how the grinch stole christmas quotes

And another wonderful quote from a different Christmas movie classic! Why, it’s a quote from How the Grinch Stole Christmas! If mean old Grinch can figure out what the true meaning of Christmas is, then so can everyone else. Wouldn’t you say?

home alone movie quotes_quotes from home alone

I bet some of you are currently looking up on Home Alone quotes, am I right? Well, here is one you will surely love! This positive and inspirational quote is said by no one other than our troubled icon’s mom, Kate McCallister. And yes, there is no better time than Christmas to have a little more hope!

Christmas quotes from movies about love and family

quotes from love actually_love actually quotes

This positive love quote, is said by the character of Billy Mack from the timeless classic Christmas romcom Love Actually. It often comes, that when Christmas day arrives we finally acknowledge which people mean to us the most.

family quotes_christmas quotes about family

A lovely quote about family. Bob Cratchit’s character, from A Christmas Carol, offers us with some wisdom about how Christmas is supposed to be spent with our families. And how it is a time not so much for receiving, as for giving.

quotes for christmas_how the grinch stole christmas quotes

Truer words have never been spoken! The delightful little girl, Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, might be six, but she knows what she is talking about. Christmas is a time when no one should be alone, but when we must all come together, despite our differences, and share the holiday cheer!

Spreading the holiday cheer movie quotes

cheerful quotes_quotes from elf movie

This quote comes to us from another timeless Christmas classic—Elf. Our dear old friend Buddy tells us that the best way to spread your festive mood is by singing as loud as you can, so everyone can hear you! Hopefully, they will join you along, and not call the police as by neighbours sometimes do!

the holiday quotes_quotes from christmas movies

This is a quote for everyone who is getting ready to rock hard this Christmas celebration! From the movie The Holiday, the character of Miles reminds us how it is important to celebrate the fact that we are alive and healthy (and some of us are even young). So, let’s go out and have the time of our lives!

I hope you all enjoyed these lovely 10 Famous Christmas quotes from movies, and will share them with those you love. Be sure that you will get a smile for every quote! Happy holidays everyone!

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