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105 fantastic Easter cards ideas – easy crafts for kids and adults

by Kremy

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beautiful pop up easter cards bunnies chicken ribbons

Easter is a family event – the children are eager to help with all the preparation and decoration for the holiday. You can have a lot of fun with these Easter cards ideas as children enjoy these craft activities very much. And not only children – adults can have fun too and make wonderful Easter greeting cards together for grandparents, teachers, friends or family members.

original easter greeting cards holiday crafts for kids


To make joyful Easter cards you will need materials that you have in the house or you can easily find in craft stores – cardboard, colorful fabrics, lace, glue, ribbons. Press Easter eggs or Easter Bunny silhouettes and let the kids cut out and paint them. These Easter cards ideas will help you and your children create beautiful handmade holiday cards decorated in a simple but impressive way.

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