5 craft ideas for Easter and Spring – Easter decoration for home

by Kremy

Crafts ideas spring dining room decoration

Easter and springtime are full of bright colors that nature offers us in this beautiful season. Be inspired and invite spring into your home by making our easy decorating ideas come true. These 5 craft ideas for Easter and Spring are easy, inexpensive and look really nice. Let your imagination run free and beautify your home!

 Craft ideas for Easter and Spring –  tissue paper pom poms

pompoms tissue paper craft spring decorating idea


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Decorate the dining area with these beautiful paper pom-poms. They can be either hung on the chandelier, placed in the middle of the Easter table or used as decorations for a garden party. The bright colors give the room a fresh look. Materials needed: colorful tissue paper (preferably only 2-3 colors that are coordinated with the other table decorations), scissors, florist wire, tape. Take 6 to 10 sheets of tissue paper and fold them in the shape of an accordion.

Craft ideas for Easter and Spring

pompons wrinkle tissue paper spring decoration crafts

Crafts ideas spring decorating pompoms cut

paper flowers pompoms ideas for Easter and Spring

pompom paper craft ideas for Easter and Spring

Use sharp scissors to cut both ends of the folded tissue paper. Tie the center of the folded paper with floral wire or a thread. If you are crafting the pompoms for hanging, tie a ribbon on the wire. Now you have to puff the paper flower, unfold the sheets and form a ball. You can combine two colors or different shades of color.

Crafts ideas Easter spring polystyrene topiary

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We are in love with this idea. This small tree is perfect both for the Easter table as well as for any other occasion. You need MANY ribbons, a flower pot or a small decorative bucket, chopsticks, a large styrofoam ball, florist foam, scissors, pins, hot glue gun and decorative stones, candy or silk paper for the base. Insert a wooden stick in the styrofoam ball after you have smeared it with a bit of hot glue. Then do the same with the florist foam. Then put the florist foam in the pot, so that there are no gaps and the foundation is stable.

Crafts Easter ideas spring manual instructions topiary tree

Easter spring craft ideas styrofoam flower pot

Easter spring Craft ideas glue gun foam flower pot

Easter spring craft ideas materials ribbons

Easter craft ideas colorful topiary DIY

craft ideas for Easter and Spring manual topiary

Cut the ribbons into small pieces. Make a loop with a piece of tape and insert the needle where the ends meet, and then decorate the styrofoam ball with it. Repeat until the entire ball is covered. To complete the look of the tree, add small decorative stones or candy into the flower pot to hide the floral foam. Now you have a nice little tree, which can be adapted for every season!

Easter spring decorating baby jars pansy purple window decoration

Baby food jars can be transformed into cute hanging vases. They are hung on the window frame and are secured with florist wire and tape. For the handles, it is best to double the support. The purple tones look delicate and elegant. For more dynamic, you can hang the glass jars at different height.

vase paper envelope tulips purple color scheme

A seasonal bouquet in a pretty vase with a folded cover makes a great impression, especially if the color scheme is matched with the flowers. Use an iron to flatten the fabric, and then make the folding. Make small slits on each fold and run a band. End up with a beautiful bow.

easter decoration craft ideas yarn eggs

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These eggs are so easy to craft for Easter and can also be a great gift idea for the kids, if you hide a little surprise in the egg. You need some balloons, a small hand air pump, glue from the craft store and yarn. Inflate the balloons with the hand air pump to the desired size and squeeze the balloon to form an egg. Roll yarn on the balloon as shown here and cut the end. In this way we know how much yarn we need. Then you have two options – soak the yarn in the glue or paste the adhesive with a brush. Let the eggs dry at least 24 hours. Once the yarn is dry, pop the balloon and pull the pieces out through the holes. And done!

colorful balloons easter craft ideas

balloon inflating air pump craft ideas for Easter and Spring

Easter spring yarn eggs craft ideas

Easter craft ideas balloon egg shape

Easter spring craft ideas yarn eggs balloon wrap

Easter spring craft ideas DIY yarn eggs adhesive

yarn eggs dry craft ideas easter

easter eggs crafts DIY ideas

easter eggs craft ideas yarn eggs



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