Modern indoor flower pots – a fresh accent to the home decor

by Kremy

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Modern indoor flower pots come in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors and materials. Many people take the chance to make their own unique flower pots as a DIY project, for example from concrete. Plants in the interior add freshness and color to the decor and we all know that beautiful plants can instantly change the atmosphere. Modern interior design is rarely complete without live plants and flowers. They, without any doubt, decorate the room, improve the appearance of the home and express the individuality and good taste of the homeowners. To many people growing indoor plants is not just a hobby but a source of pride as well.


Modern indoor flower pots with original shapes

 original indoor planters


Recently, flower pots have become a favorite topic for designers involved in furnishing of interiors. We have selected some original and modern indoor flower pots which would be a complement to the decor of any contemporary home. The selection includes creative and unusual ideas yet functional and with an expressive design and great aesthetic appearance. A proper organization of indoor plants (alignment, aesthetic pots in the same style, etc.) will add to the unique charm and comfort and accentuate the beauty of any room. Buying a new planter box or flower pots for your indoor garden will give you a double benefit – the plants will decorate the interior and beautiful flower pots will also serve as decoration. In every home, an indoor garden creates a sense of harmony, peace and tranquility. Indoor plants and flowers fill the house with a pleasant aroma and even if you cannot fit a palm or a dracaena in a small apartment, some violets or a mini herb garden on the window sill will change the look and turn a house into a home.


Modern indoor flower pots – choosing the material

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Ceramic indoor flower pots are greatly preferred over plastic containers. Even the simplest of ceramic pots can be an accent in the interior decoration while plastic pots look cheaper. Modern indoor flower pots made from ceramics fit into any design style and catch the eye. Ceramic indoor flower pots are heavier than plastic as they are made of clay. Their advantage is that the material does not hinder the penetration of oxygen, clay aids the evaporation of excess moisture and controls soil temperature. Ceramic pots are heavier than plastic ones and are more stable which is especially important for large plants. However, the heavy weight of ceramic does not allow using these flower pots for hanging compositions or place them on unstable shelves.

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Indoor flower pots made of wood are another option as they combine the beauty of natural wood and indoor plants. Wood species with rich grain add texture and warmth to the interior and are showcasing the plants in a most spectacular way.

DIY concrete flower pot ideas succulents

Glass, concrete, marble, metal – all these materials are used for the manufacturing of indoor flower pots. Look at the amazing ideas in the gallery below and find the ones that you like best and will be a highlight in your interior design.

bonsai tree creative

original designers planters windowsill decoration

wooden flower planters

unique flower pot indoor garden ideas

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 original ideas indoor garden

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 DIY heart shaped concrete planters

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