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What are the best plants for bathrooms? How to take care of them? What are the best conditions for bathroom plants to thrive? Where to place the plants in the bathroom? There are many questions that people ask when they want to decorate their bathrooms with indoor plants. You may have a spacious bathroom with a lot of natural light or a small one without any natural light and you should know that potted plants can thrive not only in large rooms with abundant light, but also can bring a lot of joy when used in small spaces. Send artificial and dry flowers to history and embrace the idea of decorating the bathroom with beautiful green plants.

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There is an ongoing debate whether to place house plants in the bathroom. Of course opinions vary tremendously and every person has his reasons. When considering the idea for plants in the bathroom you should keep in mind certain factors like humidity, temperature, lighting, but the main idea is that the plants should make you happy without too much trouble. However, even the smallest plant add a lot of charm and character to the interior and despite the design style, make it look cozier.

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Many people believe that plants cannot live without natural light and that is quite normal, as we usually place house plants on the windowsills or in proximity to window openings. It is true that many indoor plants love quite a bit of sunlight but there are other species that can exist with less light and they are the ones that you need for your bathroom decor. So we come to the right choice of plants for bathrooms.


Best plants for bathrooms with windows


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When choosing the best plants for bathrooms, you should take into account the conditions that you have and choose the species that will not only survive in those conditions, but will feel good and thrive. There are three major factors that you need to think about – lighting, humidity and temperature, space and position.

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Bathroom lighting is perhaps the most important factor for the plants. There are bathrooms with large windows, many bathrooms have small windows and the majority of those in urban apartment buildings or office buildings have no windows at all. Despite the fact that there are plant species that require less light, the fact remains – plants do need sunlight so that they can grow, even the ones that need very little light – and this can be a challenge when you choose the good plants for bathrooms.

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Humidity and temperature are the other major factors that you need to consider before placing any plants in the bathroom. Showers, baths or running hot water quickly rise the levels of temperature and humidity and those conditions may not be favorable for the plants. Usually, it is tropical plants that like high humidity and temperature so it is best if you chose some of those species.

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The position of the plants for bathrooms is the third major factor that you have to take into consideration. Most probably, the available space will determine the position of your plants, but with some careful planning you can enjoy the fresh green even in the smallest bathroom.

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The best place for indoor plants in the bathroom will be the window sill. From a practical point of view it is better to avoid placing the plants for bathrooms near the shower, the bathtub or the sink, as you may push them down by accident. Make sure plants are not in close proximity to a heat source like radiator. The ideal place for bathroom plants is in a corner or somewhere where the traffic is minimal. It is entirely to the personal taste of the homeowner how he will arrange the plants – to decorate you may need just one beautiful orchid while other prefer compositions of different species. He most important is that the result must be pleasing to the eye and make you happy.

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Even when you have no window sill you should not be discouraged. You can place small plants on a shelf or opt for hanging plants, wall mounted planters, you can even add a flower pot atop your bathroom cabinet. In this way you will not lose valuable space, which is essential in small bathrooms, and you will be able to enjoy the indoor plants as an adorable decoration.


Best plants for bathrooms – top 20 ideas


plants for bathrooms orchids houseplants decor

Orchids are incredibly elegant and add a magnificent exotic touch and the feeling of a luxury spa to any bathroom. Orchids are an excellent choice for bathrooms as they thrive in humidity. Some varieties require moderate light, others need bright light. Orchids do not require too much space and can be placed on the vanity top, on the corner of the bathtub and is ideal for small bathrooms.

plants for bathrooms aloe vera bathroom decor ideas modern bathroom freestanding tub

Aloe Vera – an excellent choice for low light bathrooms and is one of the plants that are most difficult to kill. Aloe Vera is exceptionally durable and the plant comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and patterns. Aloe is very easy to care for and typically needs watering once a month. It needs some light, but too much direct sunlight can burn the leaves.

plants for bathrooms bamboo japanese design ideas

Bamboo also comes in many varieties of shapes and sizes. It is fast growing, so you should keep that in mind, especially if you have a small bathroom. Bamboo adds a fresh green color to the bathroom and is a suitable plant for Asian themed interiors, Japanese style bathrooms, spa and zen bathrooms as well as contemporary and minimalist designs. Bamboo needs regular watering so you need to make sure that your plant is watered.

plants for bathrooms Dracaena choosing plants

Dracaena plant also comes in more than forty varieties and they have great air purification properties. Dracaena does not require a lot of direct light or its leaves may scorch. Dracaena likes humidity and the bathroom is the ideal place where it will keep its green color. Common names include Sander’s dracaena, ribbon dracaena, lucky bamboo, curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo or dragon plant. The lucky bamboo does not even need soil. You can pop the stalk into a container filled with pebbles and water and make sure that water is changed regularly (every two to four weeks). Lucky bamboo should be placed in low, indirect light which makes it a perfect choice for a bathroom plant.

fern indoor plants for the bathroom

Ferns like Boston fern, Asparagus, Staghorn, and Bird’s Nest do well in bathrooms. Ferns’ natural habitat are sub-tropical and tropical rain forests so they require lots of indirect sunlight. Humidity and temperature are especially important for the ferns to thrive, as well as watering. They need to be moist but not saturated.

plants for bathrooms begonia indoor

Begonia is a common indoor plant which feels good at high humidity levels. It feels great in the bathroom and you can choose from a wide variety of begonias as they bloom in many different colors.

plants for bathrooms dieffenbachia good plants for bathroom

Dieffenbachia or Dumb Cane is a good choice for larger bathrooms as it has broad leaves and can grow to a considerable height, sometimes up to two meters. It is exceptionally easy to care for as the bathroom is an ideal environment for it. Dieffenbachia feels best in humid conditions and temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius and requires good lighting. Place it near a window (but not to a direct sunlight) or install fluorescent lighting if there is no natural light.

plants for bathrooms spatifillum contemporary

Cast Iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) will survive in almost any conditions – low light, infrequent watering, and extreme heat. People who want low maintenance plants should definitely think about this one.

plants for bathrooms ivy small bathroom decorating ideas

Ivy can be placed, hanging in s basket, on a shelf and is one of the easiest plants to take care for. A member of the evergreen vines, Ivy enjoys warm and humid conditions. It requires good lighting so it is best to place it in a proximity to the bathroom window.

 Snake plant bathroom decorating ideas

Snake plant, also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is a low maintenance houseplant for bathrooms as it enjoys steamy, humid conditions, and is able to thrive in low light. The leaves of the plant grow upright and it will not spread over the bathroom.

Aspidistra Cast Iron Plant houseplants in bathroom small batroom decor

Chinese evergreen is a durable plant, which feels good in low or indirect sunlight. One of the good plants for bathrooms, which will thrive in warm temperatures and humid conditions

plants for bathrooms tilandsia air plant modern

Air plants require natural light but are exceptionally easy to care for as they only need watering once a week. You can place them on the wall, in hanging terrariums and have beautiful bathroom decoration.

plants for bathrooms topiary

Topiaries are not the typical bathroom plant but the mini varieties are an excellent choice for areas with limited space. Place them on the vanity top and you will have cute and original bathroom plant.

plants for bathrooms spider plant Chlorophytum comosum

Spider plant is undemanding and can grow in different conditions.

peace lily house decor

Peace lily is an elegant plant with glossy leaves and white blooms that enjoys limited light.

Philodendron house plants

Monstera needs warmth, moisture and moderate light. It is an excellent plant for bathroom when you want to add a tropical touch and a spa feeling.

vertical garden

Pothos has beautiful leaves and in addition is a good plant for bathroom as it requires low maintenance. Indirect light, high humidity, and warm temperatures are the perfect conditions for your pothos.

 ZZ house plants

ZZ plant can survive even if you neglect it. It is a great decoration for the bathroom as it has oval-shaped, glossy leaves and will add to the fresh and vibrant atmosphere of the bathroom.

 bonsai trees zen

Bonsai trees add tons of charm to the bathroom. However, different species require different conditions, so make sure that your bonsai tree will survive in your bathroom.

best live plants bathroom interior

Living walls are a spectacular addition to any bathroom. However, they require some maintenance but offer the advantage that you can combine different plants and create a unique bathroom decor.


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