LED light fixtures – tips and ideas for modern bathroom lighting

by Kremy


led lighting bathroom lighting ideas contemporary bathroom design

The choice of the lighting concept for your bathroom may seem like an easy task. But have your chosen your lamps as strong as you need them?

led lighting contemporary bathroom lighting ideas


Is your bathroom area well lit? We have collected some fantastic suggestion for your bathroom lighting featuring LED light fixtures.

led bathroom lighting mirror ceiling led lights modern bathroom

The first rule is: Different light positions for various functions and situations. How do you actually do this?

LED Lighting fixtures contemporary bathroom lighting minimalist bathroom

Although we do not completely deny the central ceiling lighting, its role is diminished in a modern lighting concept.

LED lighting fixtures mirror washbasin vanity

This is about new, interesting lighting concepts that bring your bathroom to a higher level of design.

LED lighting contemporary white minimalist bathroom

All bathrooms need proper lighting around the mirror. It is a common mistake that people make when the mirror is lit from above.

ED lighting fixtures mirror lighting

Downlights usually make a person look very tired, especially when there is no other light source. To avoid this negative effect choosing two side lamps for your mirror is the best solution.

LED lighting fixtures wall mirror

Lights from left and right side of the mirror complement each other and create a good lighting effect.

LED strip led lighting fixtures recessed lighting

Avoid neon lamps near the mirror. Proper lamps for mirror lighting are the classic, lower watt bulbs or warm-colored LED lights fixtures.

modern led lighting fixtures shower ceiling lights

If you have a large bathroom, you can create a lighting design by combining pendant lights hanging above a sunken bathtub.

modern lighting fixtures contemporary lighting ideas

LED light fixtures are very efficient and practical for a normal bathtub and showers LED spots that can be found in a wide variety and can be easily directed to other areas of your bathroom.

 LED strip bath lighting ceiling lighting

A LED strip under the edge of the bathtub or under the window sill will create an elegant and sophisticated effect.

cool bathroom ideas with led ceiling light and framed mirror

Modern lighting will give you an opportunity to choose your preferred color – red, green, blue or violet and create an unforgettable atmosphere in your bathroom.

 modern LED lights behind mirror white bathroom furniture

LED lights contemporary bathroom ideas floating vanity

led light fixtures ideas ceiling wall light bathroom interior design

led lighting fixtures recessed lights ceiling



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