Most amazing ceiling design ideas that make a real statement

by Kremy

awesome ceiling design ideas ceiling decoration ideas lighting design

We have selected some of the most amazing ceiling design ideas and inspiring interiors of hotel lobbies which impress with originality, taste and creativity. Everyone knows that the first impression means everything and talented architects and designers come up with striking ideas for astonishing interior designs that leave you speechless.

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Everyone who has the slightest interest in interior design is aware of the difficulty to create a balanced, original design which combines a variety of elements into a harmonious interior. Whether in a public area or in a private home, the main goal is to create an inviting environment which expresses the individuality of the homeowner or the philosophy of a business company.

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By definition a ceiling is an overhead interior surface. However, the simplicity of the definition cans not describe the fascinating ceilings designed with incredible imagination and artistic creativity. The Sistine Chapel ceiling, painted by Michelangelo or the ceilings of Versailles are just an example how a ceiling can be an enchanting work of art casting a spell on people for centuries. Modern design ideas are just as fascinating as the marvelous works of ancient masters and offer a visual appeal and expressive aesthetics using innovative materials.


Most amazing ceiling design ideas – Shangri la, Shanghai


amazing ceiling design ideas shangri la shanghai commercial lighting

Most amazing ceiling design ideas are created with an inspiring bold vision, a knowledge and expertise which give a spectacular result that makes a statement. The ceiling with the smooth curved lines and the abundance of elegant chandeliers creates a modern vibrant atmosphere. More than four million pieces of crystals, used as architectural elements, create a sunning and dramatic effect and complement the luxurious contemporary interior. This modern idea is a perfect balance between minimalism and opulence.


Most amazing ceiling design ideas – Yu bar, Shanghai

Shanghai yu bar modern ceiling decor

One of the most amazing ceiling design ideas, designed by KokaiStudios, is the impressive ceiling of Yu bar in Shanghai Marriott. The name of the bar “Yu” comes from a classic Chinese character that symbolizes elegance and exclusivity and what an elegance this is! An exceptional design combines contemporary decor and traditional Chinese flavor and the strong atmosphere is enhanced by the creative lighting effects. The combination of sleek wood blocks and stainless steel result in an exclusive design. Nothing disturbs the eye and although the approach is quite minimalist, the visitor can feel the romantic intimacy of the interior.


Most amazing ceiling design ideas – Peninsula Tokyo

modern lighting design Peninsula Tokyo

Most amazing ceiling design ideas creatively combine latest technology with ancient traditions. The ceiling of Peninsula Tokyo impresses with the respect for the Japanese culture reflected in the fusion of aesthetically pleasing high-tech design creating a surreal feeling with the muted lighting. The delicacy of the wooden lattices is the design motif combining the harmony of Japanese minimalism, tranquility and urban chic.


Intercontinental, Kuala Lumpur – an amazing ceiling design that leaves you speechless

amazing ceiling design ideas InterContinental Kuala Lumpur spectacular ceilings

An exceptional example of grand ceiling designs, the amazing one of Intercontinental, Kuala Lumpur is inspired by the majestic glamour of jewels. The centerpiece is the spectacular cascading water-fall chandelier creating a visual impression of floating crystals complemented by four grand columns encased in gleaming silver rods. This is the perfect example of thinking in grand scale, combining soothing neutral colors, impressive architectural elements and exclusive lighting design.

Mandarin Oriental ceiling

The incredible ceiling design of Mandarin Oriental, Washington D.C. inspired by Asian culture gives a striking first impression of the lobby rotunda. The design takes inspiration from the orient and the unique Asian features are elegantly incorporated into an elegant, inviting environment in rich, warm tones. Wood, dark and yellow marbles complement the amazing ceiling and create an atmosphere of serenity. Natural and artificial lighting are blended in a perfect way to enhance the uniqueness of the interior.

most amazing ceiling design ideas Virgin Hotel Chicago

One of the most impressive designs combining classic and contemporary elements is in Virgin Hotel, Chicago. Intricate panels and art deco elements convey the Jazz Age grandeur and create a feeling of luxury. The historic double-height, coffered plaster ceiling and the stunning oval bar cladded in zinc and red leather, the pendant lights as accents create an unforgettable visual effect.

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In the gallery below you will see more of the most amazing ceiling design ideas. Once you enter a space you may notice the floor, the walls, the furniture pieces, probably the choice of materials and finishes as all these elements create the ambience and the special atmosphere of any interior. It is the most amazing ceiling designs that make us look up and admire the originality, creativity and innovative thinking of architects and decorators.

Brown Premium hotel lobby ceiling decorating ideas

Contemporary ceiling design ideas use space and shapes to make a statement and impress with stunning visual splendor. Colors meet shapes, textures, patterns and glamorous lighting fixtures are mixed into unique combinations. Geometric shapes like circles, squares and panels made of modern materials (plastic, tile, wood, glass, etc.) bring dramatic interest and add depth to the space. Depending on the main idea of the overall interior design, designers can make the ceiling a strong (or subtle) focal point. Modern designs inspire with the richness of textures, the unique lighting design which draws attention and make it look brighter, larger and warmer. Finding the perfect balance between the different elements is a challenge that stimulates modern architects and designers to come up with brilliant ideas.


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Sapphire ceiling design lighting design

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Blue hotel lobby ceiling decorating ideas


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