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When talking about light, we think of public areas like stores, offices, hospitals, bars and restaurants or other non-residential facilities. We will show you unique commercial lighting design ideas in different facilities which impress with a fascinating overall look. Usually commercial lighting is designed by architects, interior designers and electrical engineers and has to reflect the needs of the space and the overall interior design.

Commercial lighting design ideas – types of lighting

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A successful lighting, especially commercial, has to meet several criteria. The selection of the right light source will depend on the light output, efficiency, lamp life, etc. Commercial lighting design ideas are based on several types of lights which are the most typical choice for commercial premises – fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, LED, metal halides, etc.

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Tubular fluorescent lights are one of the most common types of light fixtures used commercial lighting and are also among the most efficient. They are installed on suspended ceilings and you can see them in various sizes with different types of lenses and number of bulbs. The popularity of fluorescent commercial light is based on the efficiency as well as the long life of the lamps.

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High-intensity discharge (HID), or metal halides are the typical lighting in warehouses as they are very suitable for large spaces. Metal halides consist of suspended pendant hanging from a ceiling with a number of bulbs attached. The number of bulbs the size and type of the lens can be different but, in general, metal halides produce very bright light and are ideal for spaces with very high ceiling.

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Incandescent lighting is one of the most traditional, well known and oldest forms of commercial lighting. The light produced is very similar to natural sun light but the lamps have a relatively short lifespan and are the least efficient of the commercial light sources. Incandescent lights are mostly used as desk lights and recessed lights in office areas.

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Halogen lights provide a very bright, intense, white light suitable for large areas and are vastly used in sports facilities, playgrounds or stadiums. Halogen lamps are twice as efficient as regular incandescent lamps two to four times longer lifespan.

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LED lighting provide the aesthetic and practical qualities of conventional lamps, as well as being very efficient and environmentally friendly

Commercial lighting design ideas in residential interiors

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Commercial lighting design ideas are gaining popularity in residential interiors, especially in designs in Industrial style and Loft style. You may often see a combination of different types of lights which adds a special and unique visual appeal to the interiors.

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